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Love and Friendship

Have you ever noticed that most times when you finish watching a movie at the theatre everyone just gets up and leaves? It is very rare nowadays that the audience is so moved by a show that they actually clap … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo #6

Wow, I almost forgot that today was Friday – mystery photo day!  Being on holidays still and with family visiting, I guess I am losing tracking of time.  That’s ok though because I already had a photo waiting to be … Continue reading

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Old and New

I know absolutely nothing about architecture, but I can definitely appreciate the beauty in different structures.  Whenever we take a trip down to the big city of Toronto (where I grew up), I love to photograph the different buildings downtown … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

I like to dream, don’t you?  My most recent dream has been for a mild winter without snow.  I know, dream on right, considering I live in Southern Ontario?  Living in the snow belt, it is very unusual that we … Continue reading

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Kreativ Blogger Award

What a great early Christmas present I received the other day from Kerry Leibowitz of Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog.  He nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!!  Sometimes I read other blogs and am so amazed by the talent out … Continue reading

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My Christmas Angels

Angels seem to be everywhere at Christmas time.  We sing about them, we read stories about them, and we even put them on the top of our Christmas trees.  Christmas may be over now, but I still have two angels … Continue reading

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It’s official – Santa was here!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  The big day is well under way here, and as usual the presents were opened before most people were even stumbling out of bed.  It doesn’t matter that my kids are teenagers now.  They still wake up … Continue reading

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One more sleep!!

Well, there’s only one more sleep until the big day, and guess what?  I’m ready!!!  The presents are all wrapped and under the tree, the house is full to the rafters with food and drink, and my parents have arrived … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo #5

Ok, I thought this “guess the photo” game might be fun, but now I am totally obsessed with it because you guys are just too damn good!  I am really determined to stump you eventually.  Maybe this will be the … Continue reading

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The Four Corners of the Law

Yesterday I showed you some of the beautiful old homes of Charleston, SC, and today I want to show you the heart of downtown Charleston, commonly referred to as the Four Corners of the Law.  The name took hold because … Continue reading

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