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People watching in Paris

Even though I have thousands of photos to share with you from our trip to Paris and the UK, my addiction to reading has been easily winning out over blogging for the last little while.  However, a travel show on … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo #89

Happy, happy, happy :).  That will be me at 3pm today because I will be starting a week’s holidays.  Yayyyyy me!!!  Now unfortunately, Mike is too busy at work to take time off right now, and both of the boys … Continue reading

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure???

The expression in my title today means that it is is better to try to avoid problems in the first place, rather than trying to fix them once they arise, and I have always truly believed this when it comes … Continue reading

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The journey

I have been struggling a lot with my emotions lately as you all know from following my blog.  Today is the day that my oldest son, Bryan, goes off to college, and I know it’s going to be a very … Continue reading

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Help me, I can’t decide!!!

Ok, this is going to be a quicky post today.  Last night we decided to go to the movies, two movies no less, so I didn’t get my post drafted ahead of time like I usually do.  We went to … Continue reading

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Ripples and Reflections

I would have to say that the photos I use on this blog are fairly normal most of the time.  I don’t think that I have ever posted anything too unusual, and generally I can identify why I like a … Continue reading

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I knew I should have brought my raincoat!!

It’s been one of those weeks. Drive here, drive there.  Work, dentist, baseball game, work, dentist again, baseball practice, and don’t forget that I live in a rural area so nothing is just around the corner.  And in between those … Continue reading

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Better late than never!!

And now we take a break from our usual programming for an important message.  That means no photo today because I have been a very bad blogger.  Over the last month I have been awarded 5 blogging awards and have … Continue reading

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Patience, young grasshopper!

Patience.  Yes, photographers must possess many skills, but to me patience is one of a photographer’s most important skills.  This is especially true for wildlife photographers.  All this week I have been posting pictures of creepy crawly, slithering or flying … Continue reading

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Inky dinky spider…..

Creepy crawlies!  Do you love them, hate them, or tolerate them?  I have always been the type who is tolerant of creepy crawlies as long as I can see where they are.  I have often sat on the deck in … Continue reading

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