Mystery Photo #166

I am very determined this week!  When I started my Mystery Photo Fridays over three years ago, it was quite easy to stump all of you.  However, I have noticed that you are all getting smarter by the week, and I have challenged myself to find a mystery photo that none of you can guess.  Mwah ha ha :).  I think this one might be the one.  Hit me with everything you’ve got.

While I’m waiting for your guesses, I’m going to go and put on my fifty layers of clothing, plus mitts, hatt, and scarf, and get ready to turn into a human popsicle when I step out my front door and head to work.  It’s -31C this morning (not including the windchill), and I’m really starting to think that I will never feel warm again!  It could always be worse though right?  At least we have power and heat, and I keep telling myself that Spring is coming.  Hopefully….

Mystery Photo #166

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32 Responses to Mystery Photo #166

  1. sorry Cindy but you forget that I bake and that I would instantly recognize this as a balloon whisk oh and I’ve told you to get the fuck out of dodge before but noooo spring is coming, people die in that weather, its not nice. I’ve got a spare room, I worry about you.

  2. oh and if it’s not a balloon whisk then it’s a head massager which is basically the same thing with the bottom cut off

  3. Oh my god is it ever cold out. I had to stop to get gas this morning and I couldn’t feel my fingertips and I was wearing gloves. Okay onto the Mistry photo I’m going to say that it’s a beater from an electric mixer. Stay warm.

  4. TBM says:

    Shoot, I was cold taking Miles out today, but we’re having a heat wave compared to you.

    I think this is a whisk. I love to make brownies and use this a lot. And cake. And banana bread…well I think you get the idea. But I’m hoping I’m wrong so can be smug. Time to bake…I mean write.

  5. I too think it is a whisk, certainly looks like mine. Don’t envy you the cold weather, England grinds to a halt anytime there is snow

  6. -31C?!?!?!?!!?? FLIPPIN’ HELL. How do you survive? And here was me thinking the cold was bad here LOL.

    Have to say I instantly recognize this as a tool trolls use to pick their noses. 🙂

    • And if you factor in the windchill, it was even colder. You can probably understand now why I don’t do any outdoor winter activities. These people who go skiing are just nuts!! For me, hibernation is the way to go!

      I love your fantasy loving brain :).

  7. I am there- drinks and warmth and friends–nothing better.
    Okay, maybe this is not as obvious as it looks–so I am going to forego my guess for a trip to Cuba with you.
    My son though thinks it is a part of a mixer or whisk.

  8. My son also thinks it is a head massager–he has one

  9. benzeknees says:

    Since so many have guessed whisk – I’m going to go the other route & guess head scratcher/massager.

  10. dorannrule says:

    A whisk for beating eggs and things!
    I would love to see a photo of the “popsicle” you. Blahahaha! On the other hand, I do understand the frustration with having to bundle up with all those layers and then bundling down when you get where you’re going and then repeating the whole thing. Head South my friend, Head South! 🙂

    • The worst was when the kids were little and you had to get them in and out of snowsuits. I’m glad those days are done :). I’m not sure I could get a picture of me as a popsicle because I’m usually shivering so much that the photo would just be one big blur. South sounds really good right about now.

  11. up and at ’em my friend–if I am up so should you (be up), Am going to an all day poetry and writing workshop today–I shall come home so inspired I just know it (we are having wine at the end of the day)

  12. Good morning everyone. I have just woken up to snow falling AGAIN, and I’m seriously considering going back to bed :). You know, I really thought I had you with this mystery photo. I posted it yesterday with glee, thinking that I would have the last laugh. Well, the laugh’s on me – anyone who said it was a head massager is correct once again! You guys absolutely amaze me, and I must now go back to the drawing board to find something harder!! Have a great weekend.

  13. yay–thanks for my son–I will have fun today–and it is snowing here too

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