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From the scene of the crime!

Today I’ve decided to break my own rules.  Usually I try to post something different every day and only one photo at a time, but I really want to continue on with more symbols of the Netherlands.  After visiting the … Continue reading

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Memories of The Netherlands

Whenever we think of a particular country, there are certain symbols we associate with that country – things that make it unique.  For instance, I live in Canada and I’m sure when people think of Canada they think of snow, … Continue reading

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Anyone for base jumping?

Whenever we travel by car as a family, we try to stop along our route, if we can, to see and learn about famous landmarks.  Twice now, on our way back from the Southern US, we have stopped at the … Continue reading

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Home Run!!!

One of the trickiest types of photography for me is sports photography.  Trying to catch just that right moment in a well focused action shot can be challenging to say the least.  It also doesn’t help that my kids are … Continue reading

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Zippity Doo Dah

Our family has never had a pet, other than the inevitable fish that every child has at some point, and you might think that means we don’t like animals, but that is not the case. In fact, the reason that … Continue reading

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Can you guess?

Ok, today I am in a totally random mood, so I have picked a very random photo to post.  I was obviously in one of my frequent close-ups only mood when I took it, and I thought we could have … Continue reading

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Making the best of a bad situation

Ok, so yesterday morning really sucked!  It’s one thing to wake up in the morning and find out that Mother Nature wreaked havoc with her freezing rain wand all night long, but it’s another thing to get that 6:45 am … Continue reading

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Six years ago, we took our two sons on their first trip to Florida.  My parents had sailed their boat all the way from Ontario to Titusville, Florida, and they wanted us to join them for a visit after Christmas. … Continue reading

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Do you ever find that there are certain things that you repeatedly take pictures of?  Something that draws your eyes to it every time you pass by and becomes sort of an obsession?  I used to see this dead tree … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Whisperer

A few days ago, I posted a picture of my son, Bryan, and his girlfriend, and it reminded me of another photo that I wanted to share.  His girlfriend, Cayley, lives out in the country, and in their garden they … Continue reading

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