Mystery Photo #6

Wow, I almost forgot that today was Friday – mystery photo day!  Being on holidays still and with family visiting, I guess I am losing tracking of time.  That’s ok though because I already had a photo waiting to be used this week.  It was actually my hubby’s idea, and he is anxious to see if anyone guesses correctly, so…….Ready, set, go!!!

Mystery photo #6

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8 Responses to Mystery Photo #6

  1. Poultry skin? I was going to say my thighs but I couldn’t figure out where you would have gotten the photo. 😉

  2. tadams4u says:

    Looks like a brain. Might belong to the person I dealt with earlier who obviously was missing theirs. Mystery solved!

  3. irene says:

    i think it is chicken or turkey skin before it is cooked?

  4. Wow, I just can’t stump you people!! It was in fact the raw flesh of our Christmas turkey from this year. So, I guess this means that one of my new years resolutions is to find more difficult mystery photos because I am determined to find one that nobody can guess. On goes the thinking cap. Great job everyone!

  5. Okay, this is some kind of meat before it is cooked. XD but woof, this photo reminds me of my anatomy class o_O eek!

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