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I did! I did see a puddy tat!

Even though I am just an amateur photographer, I take great pride in my accomplishments.  So, I have always thought it would be nice to display my favourite photos on the walls of my living room for everyone to enjoy. … Continue reading

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In May, 2010 I had the honour of accompanying my son, Bryan, and his school on a trip to the Netherlands to be part of the celebrations for the 65th anniversary of VE Day (the end of WWII).  It was … Continue reading

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Sunrise Interrupted

Yesterday. Time to go to work. Too impatient to let my car warm up and too lazy to scrape the light layer of frost off my windshield (yes, I said the “F word”). As I drive down the highway, I … Continue reading

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Leave me alone!!

I have always loved today’s picture because to me it tells such a story.  Unfortunately, it was taken with my first digital camera when I knew nothing about the different settings, and the original is not the greatest.  I have … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock, eat your heart out!!

Last March Break my husband, my kids, and I drove down to visit my parents on Isle of Palms in South Carolina where they had rented a condo for a couple of months.  It was right on the ocean, and … Continue reading

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

My family always makes fun of me for taking random photos, but I find myself and my camera continually attracted to anything with interesting or unique lines, patterns, and colours.  When I find something with those criteria, I love to … Continue reading

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A few shingles, and she’ll be as good as new!!

I have lived in the same small rural town for over 20 years, but I was born and raised a city girl.  So, when I moved north of the city I found at my disposal a whole treasure trove full … Continue reading

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Hey buddy, is this the way to Mexico?

In my opinion, capturing wildlife with my camera is the most rewarding of all photography. I think that’s because of how exceptionally patient you have to be and how difficult it is to find a subject who will stay in … Continue reading

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I’ve never considered myself artistic at all – rather the opposite in fact.  I can’t even draw stick figures well.  However, I guess the words artistic and creative don’t always have to describe someone who can paint or draw.  I … Continue reading

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Beauty from the Beast

My parents live on the waterfront in Kingston, Ontario, so visits with them often provide me with different photo ops than I would normally find at home in our rural area. Add to that the fact that my Mom shares … Continue reading

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