A friend for my paddle

I have decided something.  Birthdays are really, really hard on my waistline!  We are still in Kingston visiting my parents, and I have been eating like a pig the whole time. Yesterday, we went to visit my brother and his girlfriend, and after a wonderful lunch they surprised me with a scrumptious ice cream cake.  It was vanilla ice cream with a chocolate layer in the middle and little chocolates all over the top.  Yummmyyyy.  My brother cut my piece first and kind of ripped me off, so of course I had to have a second piece :).  Then we went to the casino in Gananoque, Ontario, and we ate a huge dinner after gambling for a few hours.  And yes, both Mike and I won a little money.  Yayyyyy!!!!

Today we took a drive out to a little touristy town called Westport and had a delicious and fattening lunch at a little restaurant called The Tangled Garden Cafe.  I had homemade potato and back bacon soup, a clubhouse sandwich with french fries, and a chocolate milk.  When we got back to my parents’ house, we had a beautiful pork tenderloin supper, and then my mom and dad surprised me with one of the best birthday cakes ever – chocolate with chocolate icing just like my daddy promised!  So, I guess it’s not too hard to believe that I am feeling really quite fat tonight LOL!  That’s ok – after my actual birthday tomorrow I can start behaving myself again :).

Ok, enough about food.  I have another really fantastic shopping find to show you.  Any of you who read my Mystery of the Unknown Visitor post (and all the comments) know that I recently received a surprise gift of a wooden paddle on which was painted “Welcome to the Looney Bin” from my friend Irene.  It was just perfect for me because it relates to the name of my blog, my email address, and my life in general.  Today while wandering through a gift shop I stopped in my tracks when I saw this sign, and I knew I just had to have it as a friend for my paddle.  Isn’t it just perfect?  Now I just have to find the perfect spot to hang them.

Looney Bin Sign

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38 Responses to A friend for my paddle

  1. bulldog says:

    Well first Happy Birthday for today, tomorrow or yesterday depending in which time zone you are at present in… love the sign just seems to go so well with your blog name… now for all that cake you mentioned… I didn’t have any but I sure as hell want some now….

    • It is 6:27am (July 2) here, and it’s my birthday!! I am 48 years young :), and yours is the first birthday wish I have read today. Thank you Bulldog! As for the cake, the best part was when I got my dad to start dragging his finger along the edge of the cake with me to steal icing and having my mom yelling at us. But damn, we couldn’t resist – that icing was what I often refer to as “orgasmic”. Oops, did I just say that on the World Wide Web?? LOL

      • bulldog says:

        I love your Dad.. now he sounds like the kind of guy I could have fun with… I’ve always said Linda has eyes in the back of her head.. I’ll sneak up on one of her cakes where it is impossible for her to see me to do just that..steal icing… and the voice will say ..”get your hands off my cake”…

      • LOL!! I have the leftover cake in the car with us but no fork. It keeps calling my name, so I might just have to eat it with my fingers!! Ya my dad is a cool guy :). I was in a really silly mood last night, and after “icing swiping” with him I stole his wine glass and downed it in one gulp. You should have seen the look on his face. Good thing he didn’t catch me because I remember years ago when my brother stole something off his plate and my dad stabbed him with his fork LMAO!!

  2. dorannrule says:

    May your birthday happiness extend and extend and extend (but not your waistline)! Sounds like you and Mikey are having a wonderful time. I miss you both.

    • Awww Dor, that’s so sweet. We miss you too, and Mikey was even asking me yesterday if I was still in touch with you, and I said of course I am :). I think you would have loved the little town we went to yesterday – it was so cute. On the way back to my parents’, we also went to see the Newboro Locks on the Rideau Canal which was really interesting. I am always fascinated by how things work, and it was neat to watch the boats go through the lock and see how they raise and lower the water.

  3. ifleury says:

    what an absolutely great find Cindy! you’re lucky you found it 1st and NOT me or we would have another mystery on our hands, as this time i would not admit to it..haha.. you know all that chocolate is not good for you..i think you should at least saved some to share..glad you had an awesome bday with your family and congrats on the find..we now have a theme going..lol

    • Irene, chocolate is medicine, didn’t you know? LOL!!! That’s what I always used to tell myself about chocolate and candy when I was a little kid. And yes, there does seem to be a theme now. I also have a “welcome to the looney bin” sign in my kitchen” that a friend found for me a few years back.

  4. My dad just came back from Ottawa and he brought be a Canadian Dollar coin which made me think of you.

    • It’s funny you should mention Ottawa because I was commenting this weekend that I have never been to there, and it is only a 2 hour drive from my parents’ house. So, I think next time we are down here we are going to do a side trip to Ottawa :). Do you like your new Canadian “Loonie”? They made them for me you know!! LOL – just kidding :).

  5. TBM says:

    Did you say cake? I can’t concentrate on anything else now.

  6. beckyday6 says:

    So glad to hear you had a lovely birthday, all the food sounds amazing. I can’t believe the sign! 😀

    • Yes, it was a great weekend, but we are on our way home now, and my mommy is sad already because we are gone :(. She likes it when we are there because we go out and do fun things. My sign is totally cool isn’t it??

  7. J. G. says:

    Happy happy birthday, Cindy. May the deer be at your back and an open road ahead for another year.

  8. Very happy birthday!!! Good to hear you’ve been getting your fair share of chocolate cake!! (#noneedtofeelguiltyoverbirthdaypleasures!) Love the sign!! 🙂 **

  9. zannyro says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Happy Birthday to you. surprised you didn’t go off pop after all the cake!!

  11. Jeff Sinon says:

    Happy Birthday! Great sign too.

  12. benzeknees says:

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!

  13. I had that sign made up especially for you and put it where you would find it–btw–does The Tangled Garden Cafe have a wood and cement foundation?

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