The Mystery of the Unknown Visitor

As you all know, my family and I spent the weekend in Kingston, Ontario for my niece, Amy’s wedding.  She was an absolutely beautiful bride, and the wedding was perfect!  I fully expected to upload the hundreds of photos I took and do a quick post tonight about Amy and Nick’s special day, but after a long four hour drive home with five people crammed into my rental car (yes, my baby is still in the body shop), we arrived home to find a mystery of epic proportions.  I knew I had to begin my sleuthing right away.

Mike and Daniel were the first ones to the front door, and they stopped in their tracks with looks of puzzlement on their faces.  Calling me over, they pointed at the door on which was hanging the following gorgeous wooden paddle which, considering my blog name and email address, is absolutely perfect for our home.  Now this is where the humour creeps in.  On the reverse of the paddle we found the standard warning: “Choking hazard – small parts.  Not for children under 3 years”.  In handwriting underneath was the following:  “So don’t let Mike put this in his mouth”.  Ok, right off the bat we know the mystery person has an awesome sense of humour!!

Mystery 1

On to the second part of the mystery.  Attached to the paddle was an envelope which made it very clear that this person was determined to keep his/her identity secret.  I immediately analyzed the handwriting very carefully to see if I recognized the hand in question, but it was totally unfamiliar to me.

Mystery 2

Opening up the envelope we found a beautiful card with a picture of the Easter Bunny on the front and a detailed note inside which you will find below.  We all read the note together and were soon laughing uncontrollably.  It became obvious that this person has a major bone to pick with me over the difficulty of my weekly mystery photo LOL.  Now I just don’t understand the problem here – I have made it perfectly clear that I created the weekly mystery photo to help my blogging friends challenge themselves regularly in order to keep their brains sharp.  I do it for all of you because I care about your mental health so very much :).  Let’s be honest now – if the mystery photo was totally easy every week, you guys would get bored with it rather quickly because what you really love is a challenge, you know you do!

Mystery 3

Now to play detective.  The mystery visitor made it clear that pitiful guesses would not be accepted, so I am going to be thorough and organized in my sleuthing.

1)  First, I reflected on which blogging friends regularly play the weekly mystery game and where they live.  Of all the regulars, the only ones who live in Southern Ontario within driving distance of my home are LouAnn, Sayvan, and Edith Levy.  However, Sayvan did not guess on the mystery photo this week and the note actually refers to how hard this week’s photo was.  I also didn’t consider Edith because she generally doesn’t complain about the mystery photo being too hard (tee hee) plus she doesn’t talk about chocolate the way some of the others do.  I also thought about a friend of mine from right here in Dundalk who plays the mystery photo through the Facebook link, but it can’t be her because the note mentions what a lovely home we have as if he/she is seeing it for the first time.

2)  I then questioned all of the neighbours to see if they had noticed any strangers in the neighbourhood over the weekend, but sadly nobody saw a thing.

3)  I then considered the clever and quick wit of the mystery visitor and the entertaining writing style, and combining that with all of the other clues and the fact that she loves to complain about the degree of difficulty of the mystery photo the most out of everyone :), it was obvious to all of us that the mystery visitor just had to be LouAnn.  Trying to get in to my home to search for chocolate was the clincher for me because I know that LouAnn is as much of a chocoholic as I am!

I know that I may be wrong in my deductions, but I hope the mystery visitor will reveal or confirm her identity seeing as I did make a concerted effort to solve the mystery without delay, and I must conclude with the following thank you’s.  First and foremost, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this.  Nobody has ever done something like this for me before, and it absolutely made my weekend!!  I will hang the paddle in my home with pride and will always cherish this memory :).  Also, thank you for saying I am a bright girl, for saying that I have a lovely home, for wishing us a safe trip without any deer encounters, and for saying that you really do enjoy my blog.  I only wish that I had been here to actually meet you in person and welcome you into my home.  That will definitely happen one day though – I am sure of it!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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64 Responses to The Mystery of the Unknown Visitor

  1. Boy, do I ever wish it was me–reading the note over I even thought it was me! But I would have been able to get into your house if I smelled even a little bit of chocolate. This truly is a mystery and whoever did it is clever as can be–I do agree with whoever left the note though–your mystery photos are hard!-Laughing with you – LouAnn

    • Hmmmm, well if you are telling the truth (because the mystery visitor said he/she would not reveal the answer any time soon and maybe you are just stalling) I guess I will have to dig deeper. I do notice that the writer of the note uses the word “pics” quite frequently instead of photos or pictures, so maybe I need to visit some blogs and find out who likes that short form :). That is where I shall start! There is also a constant reference to “we”, so he/she is either referring to my followers in general, or……maybe this was a joint effort. Ok, I admit it – this is driving me crazy :).

      • Sayvan has often said he would like to check out some of the areas I photograph around here, but I just checked his blog, and he doesn’t say “pic”, so I don’t think it’s him. Also, it can’t be anyone from my work because they don’t complain about the mystery photo because they are often involved in coming up with ideas for the mystery photo. Plus, I would recognize their handwriting. Hmmm, back to the drawing board.

      • it would drive me crazy too — and I do use the word pics often–maybe it was me–I am never sure what my alternate personality is up to

  2. I have been rethinking my theory in light of LouAnn’s response above. I know my bff, Heather, would do something like this in a heartbeat, but I’m pretty sure that’s not her handwriting, not that I see her handwriting all the time that is. I did notice, however, that the mystery person does use the word “pic” a great deal in the note, so I started checking out followers who live close by and how they refer to photographs. All of a sudden, it came to me. I have a friend, Stacey Cumming, who follows my blog on Facebook. Our sons used to play baseball on the same team, so we were baseball moms together which is how we met. I investigated her Facebook page and found that she does tend to use the word “pic” instead of photo or picture, and I’m fairly sure she loves chocolate too. My second guess, therefore, is Stacey Cumming!! Am I right????? Don’t leave me hanging. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight LOL!

  3. krikitarts says:

    Whatever the outcome of this mystery is, Cindy, keep us informed–and keep it up!

  4. Well it wasn’t me but I wish it had been. That’s just the sweetest thing to do. Keep digging Cindy and please let us know what you come up with.

  5. bulldog says:

    Not me… too damn far away… but I’m glad someone is getting you back for all of us… let the mystery continue as we sit and watch the workings of your mind as you try to work this one out… actually I love this with all your thoughts being written down as you try your detective work out loud…

  6. hmmmm Easter Bunny? I’m a bit far away though, I’d still go along with LouAnn

  7. Ok, so my friend, Stacey, says it was not her. She said that if she was at my house she would have actually broken in to get a closer look at my library LOL!! Therefore, I’m still going back to my original guess of LouAnn because I think she is just toying with me. Look at her second response above – she is just messing with my mind :).

  8. ha ha ha – you have a mystery on your hands my little one!

  9. beckyday6 says:

    WOW, this is so cool!!!! I love a good mystery and what an awesome gift and note. 😀

    • I know :). It is one of the most awesome things that has ever been done for me. It was such a huge surprise when we got home and now such a mystery!! Hey, how was Scotland??

      • beckyday6 says:

        Definitely, I can imagine!

        It was really great thanks and amazingly, the weather was beautiful! No rain or cloud at all, beyond rare for Scotland, LOL. I wish I could have stayed longer!!! I’m toying with the idea of doing a blog post about it, but it seems like a lot of effort, but we’ll see. If not, I’ll have to tell you lots more about it in more detail. 😀

      • Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  10. J. G. Burdette says:

    My immediate thought was this has LouAnn written all over it. But since she denies it…

    • That was my immediate thought as well. I still think it’s her – she’s just torturing me to get me back for the mystery photos. However, I did remind her that I always reveal the answer 24 hours later, so she’s just about out of time!! 🙂

      • I really and truly wish it was me–but I am going to put you out of your misery–at least partially — it was not me — you might look at the clue about Mike — I would have not left that message without mentioning Heinz ketchup — so you must believe me and put your detective skills elsewhere. I am flattered that you think I would do such a nice and diabolical thing–you need to consult Watson on this one my dear Sherlock!

      • I’m not the only one who thinks it is you :). Everyone says that this has LouAnn written all over it!! LOL

      • J. G. Burdette says:

        You think she’s telling the truth? I mean, who else would bring up the deer incident.

  11. TBM says:

    I agree, my first thought was LouAnn. I also complain quite a bit, or whine, and I love chocolate. However, I was down and out with a cold and I’m sorry to say I’m just not this clever.

  12. zannyro says:

    WHOAAAAAA! This is a MYSTERY for sure!!!!!!!! What an AWESOME gift they left you,..even if they are really frustrated with your mystery photos….what excellent payback!! Can’t wait to find out who really did it!

  13. benzeknees says:

    I can assure you it wasn’t me Cindy although it is the kind of thing I would do – but no travel for me. Can’t wait to see who did this wonderful (or should it be stalkery) thing for you!

  14. sayvan says:

    Well…. This is quite the mystery for sure. As everyone else has done, I will also deny that it was me… and the proof of that is you know the weather was crap on the weekend and well I just refuse to venture out in it. Now, tonight my wife and I stopped into Giant Tiger and guess what I found there?? Yep the same paddle… so whomever it was must have shopped at Giant Tiger… is there one near you? Perhaps you need to ask for the store videos to review…. A great gesture for sure, but also a fabulous mystery… the magical case of the appearing “Looney bin” paddle… sounds like a good book!

    • Yes, we do have a Giant Tiger nearby, and I think I might have figured out who it is, and I believe that person is from Dundalk. The store video would confirm it – what a great idea!! I’ll hit up the manager tomorrow and see if he’ll let me borrow them LOL! It sure has been a lot of fun that’s for sure, and it made my day :).

  15. dorannrule says:

    Wow! I wish I had thought of this. it would have been worth a trip to Ontario! You obviously have an ardent follower who will reveal him/herself in good time. I can see a trend starting here. Mystery gifts for our most popular blogger friends. 🙂

    • What a great idea :). It’s so much fun to surprise friends. When we were down in South Carolina, I met a lady who worked in Barnes and Noble, and we immediately “clicked” because of how many things we have in common, including our first names! She introduced me to an author I had never heard of before who is actually Canadian, and I started reading her books. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago the author, Susanna Kearsley, was doing a talk and book signing about 2 hours from here. So, my bff and I had a girls day out to see her. While there I bought her new book (which wasn’t even out yet in the US), had her sign it, and mailed it down to my new friend. She had no idea I was doing this, and it really made her day when she found it in her mailbox. She was soooo excited!! It made me feel so good inside :).

      Oh, by the way, we finally gave my parents that book on the weekend, you know the one about growing old that we got from your friend’s store that is blank inside. Well, did they ever laugh!! They can’t wait to show it to all their friends!

  16. Denise Hisey says:

    Love this prank! Can’t wait to find out who it is. 😉

  17. Ok everyone, it’s official. The case of the mystery visitor has been solved!!! I figured it out last night when she commented on my family photo post and used the word “pic” in quotation marks. The mystery visitor was my good friend, Irene, from right here in good old Dundalk. See my comment above where I thanked her and told her she should really get together with LouAnn because they obviously have identical personalities and the same sense of humour . Phew!! I’m glad that’s solve because it was driving me crazy! It was a lot of fun for everyone though wasn’t it? Thanks again Irene ♥♥♥.

  18. irene says:

    awww Cindy, when i saw that paddle in GIANT TIGER, i could not resist. the devil(Marty) made me do it. ha-ha. i was going to keep it going for at least a week, but i felt sorry for your friend LouAnn./ i knew you wouldn’t think of me cuz i don’t often comment on your weekly guess “pics” but i do follow you all the time(discretely) and (behind my laptop). i even parked my bright red car in the bend and walked to your house so your neighbors would not see my car. ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS WERE OUTSIDE TOO! i also brought suction cups to stick it on your window…but you were kind enough to leave a nail for me. it all worked out so great and i was laughing so hard at you trying to guess. you are such a great sport.

  19. irene says:

    yes Cindy, be worried…be very worried!!!!

  20. irene says:

    so glad everyone enjoyed this..i just never imagined that it would end up…and yes LouAnn together we could a lot of good kind i mean) i can be very s n e a k y… must admit that Cindy had it coming!!!!!

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