Mystery Photo #141

I can’t believe it!  One week from today my hubby and I will be boarding a plane for a two week trip of a lifetime to Paris, London, and Scotland.  It seems like just yesterday that I started planning this a year ago, and now it’s almost here.  Part of me still doesn’t believe we are going, but I have all the tickets and other paperwork, and pretty much every item has been crossed off of my to-do list, so I think it’s really happening :).

I can’t wait to see all the famous places and landmarks that I have only read about (the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Stonehenge, Bath, Loch Ness, Stirling Castle, the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle to name just a few), and my camera is going to get a workout like never before.  Most of all, I can’t wait to go to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which people buy tickets for almost a year in advance.  I just know it will be an amazing experience that I will never forget.  And men in kilts – what’s not to like about that? LOL!  The McLaren in me can’t wait to walk the streets of Edinburgh where my great great grandfather was born.

So, I will try to do a mystery photo next week if I have time, but then for the first time ever, there will be two weeks without a mystery photo.  I hope my blogging family will understand :).  The last couple of weeks I think I have been pretty easy on you, so this week I am really going to make your brains work.  Let’s see what you can come up with, and remember no guess is a stupid guess.  I love them all!  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #141

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Mystery Photo #140

Have you ever read a book that literally takes over your whole life?  You ignore your family, stay up late reading, get up early to read again, and then read at work when you are supposed to be working?  Well, that has been my week because of one of the most fabulous series I have ever read – the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  The third and final installment of the series, The Book of Life, came out this past Tuesday and I have thought of nothing else since, which is why I am very quickly trying to put together a mystery photo post this morning before work because I forgot all about it (I know Bunny Chow, you’re saying AGAIN?).

Deborah Harkness is an absolute wizard with words.  She is a university professor of history and teaches European history and the history of science.  So, when she writes about witches and vampires, there are so many history and science facts flowing through your brain that it is quite easy to believe that these creatures could actually exist.  Her writing effortlessly transports the reader into the story where you come to love all of the characters like family.  I have now finished the final book, and I actually feel sad that it is all over, like there is something now missing from my life :(.  If you haven’t read this series, I would highly recommend it!

Anyway, on to the subject at hand – the mystery photo.  Thank goodness I use fantastic software called ACDSee to organize and categorize my photos, so that even though I forgot about today’s post, I was able to quickly go to my category entitled “patterns and closeups” to find something that might baffle your brains.  It always seems so obvious to me because I have seen the full picture, but let’s see what you think.  Is this an easy one or a “Cindy’s being really mean again” one?  Give me your best shot.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #140

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Mystery Photo #139

It’s July so that means it’s wedding season, and today we are off to my niece’s wedding which is taking place about 6 hours away.  We are travelling 4 hours to Kingston, Ontario today to stay at my parents’ house, and then we will do the final leg of the journey to Cornwall, Ontario tomorrow morning.  It will be so nice to see everyone because we all live so far apart these days that weddings are sometimes the only time I see some of my family, and I can’t wait to see my niece, Lauren, as a bride.  She is absolutely gorgeous, so I know that as a bride she is going to take our breath away.

I have a lot to do this morning to get ready to leave, so lets get on with the mystery photo. Give it your best shot.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #139

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Mystery Photo #138

This is going to be the shortest mystery photo post ever!!  It’s related to a very exciting event for somebody in my household tonight.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #138

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Mystery Photo #137

Canada Day is a strange holiday.  The reason I say that is because the holiday always falls on July 1st.  That means that it doesn’t always end up being a long weekend, and that sucks, plain and simple.  This year July 1st falls on Tuesday which is kind of like a tease. My hubby’s work is taking the holiday on the Monday instead while my office is closed on the Tuesday, so how to solve this problem?  Take both days off of course!!  So folks, it’s a four day weekend for me.  Yahoooo!!!!!  Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and Happy 4th of July to my neighbours to the south.  Enjoy :).

I feel like I have been kind of hard on you guys the last couple of weeks posting mystery photos taken with my new iPhone macro gizmo.  So, I decided to give you a break and pick what I think is an easier (but still very cool) mystery photo this time around.  I just love all the colours and textures happening in this shot.  What do you think?  Is this an easy one?  Do you think we can break the record for correct answers this week?  Wait a minute – I don’t even know what the record is LOL!!  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #137

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Not quite ready to give up yet!

I thought an update on the little old house down the highway was in order.  I stop every now and again to take more photos to track the progress of its demise, and then I compare them to the last photos I took.  If you compare May 12th to now, you can see that the roof has collapsed onto itself even further, but stubbornness prevails, and it’s just not quite ready to give up yet :).  Hang in there little buddy!!

Old House 1

Old House 2

Old House 3


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A Booklover’s Dream

Best day ever yesterday!!!!  My bff and I drove to Barrie, Ontario to see Diana Gabaldon, author of the bestselling Outlander series.  We haven’t had a chance to get together in ages, so the hour drive gave us a great chance to catch up.  We arrived at the Chapters bookstore where Diana was appearing about three hours early, and it was a good thing we did because there were already 35 people in line ahead of us.  One couple even slept there overnight!!  We killed time while we were waiting talking to people and taking our pictures with the giant cutouts of the characters from the TV series based on her books which is starting in August.  By the time 1pm rolled around, the store was packed with anxiously waiting fans, and the atmosphere was awesome.

Diana spoke for about 20 minutes or so, telling us all about how she got her start as an author, and then she took questions from the audience.  She has an incredible, sarcastic sense of humour and kept us all laughing the entire time.  Afterwards, we were able to get her new book signed and have our pictures taken with her.  She is one of my favourite authors of all time, so it was definitely a thrilling day for me.  Here are some of my pictures for any of the Diana Gabaldon fans out there.

Diana 1

Diana 2

Diana 3

Diana 4

Diana 6

Diana 7

Now, I have to share another photo with you to give you your laugh for the day :).  Are any of you familiar with Flat Stanley?  He is the character from a children’s series of books, and in the hopes of getting children to write more letters, a program was started where children take a cutout of Flat Stanley and send him to a person in another part of the world.  That person then takes Flat Stanley on a tour of their city/town/country, and takes pictures to send back to the child, so that they can see the adventures Flat Stanley has been on.

Well, I saw a cutout of Jamie, the main male character in the Outlander books, on the website for the TV series, so my son’s girlfriend and I came up with the brilliant idea that I should make a Flat Jamie and take him on my trip to Paris, London, and Scotland this summer.  I will take pictures of him everywhere we go!  Seriously, there was no alcohol involved in this idea – I’m just a little bit strange.  So, I cut out Flat Jamie, glued him to some cardboard, and took him with me yesterday.  Diana signed him and then I got him laminated, so he’s all ready to travel.  The quality of this photo is terrible, but here he is:

Flat Jamie


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