Mystery Photo #162

It’s Friday.  Yahoooooo!!!!!!!  This has been a very long and busy week at work, and I am really looking forward to the weekend because I’m feeling kind of brain dead at the moment.  I think a little fun and relaxation are in order, don’t you?

After watching the Golden Globe Awards recently and then hearing the Oscar nominations, we are hoping to catch a couple of movies over the weekend, specifically American Sniper and The Imitation Game, which will both appeal to my guys. Have any of you seen either one?  I also plan to enjoy some reading time, and my son, Daniel, and I are going to make it official and accept his offer of admission to Wilfred Laurier University and start his application for residence.  It is a very exciting time for him!!

Now before we let our brains recharge, it’s Mystery Photo time.  Give it your best shot.  Ok, ready, set, go……

Mystery Photo #162

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36 Responses to Mystery Photo #162

  1. TBM says:

    Present and accounted for! Geez, miss one Friday and I’ll never hear the end of it. Anyhoos, haven’t seen the movies so I’m curious what you think about them.

    As for the photo my guess is Mike’s underwear. Looks scratchy.

  2. Make it easy for us why don’t you, could be almost anything hairy but I’m going to go with a fly for fishing, it’s probably wrong but it was my gut instinct.

    Not seen either movie.

    Am absolutely exhausted and tomorrow is my second ever shift in my dead-end job cleaning tables in the local place with golden arches. Can’t complain it’s 5 minutes away and pays much the same as any dead-end job with zero responsibilities.

  3. bulldog says:

    This one is not easy… looks like the bristles of a paint brush…. if its a tooth brush, time for a new one

  4. Okay let’s start with the Musyery photo. This is a tough one I think it’s a macro of Tree bark. We saw The Imitarion game it was excellent you’ll love it. My son just got his acceptance to Laurier as well. We’re still waiting for a couple of other universities to come in before he makes his final decision. It’s an exciting time you never know Cindy our worlds may intersect soon.

  5. paintbrush–if it is not it should be and glad TBM is back this week–and where am I in this lottery win thing–am feeling left out–guess I will go eat some chocolate since it is still too early for wine–though it is five o’clock somewhere…………….

  6. I’m going to go for guessing that it’s a bit of the top of a thatched cottage or house! Either that or it’s from a sweeper or a paint brush. 🙂

    Have’t seen either of those movies but I’ve only heard good things. I hope you enjoy them! And a big congrats to Daniel!!!!

  7. coast72 says:

    I’ve hardly watched any television and surely no movies at all, mean reason is, I see the beginnings but never the endings 😦
    I did do some editing and that’s why I’was thinking this is a bird feather

  8. Map of Time says:

    That’s some serious mold growing on your salad, Cindy!

  9. you gave it away on Facebook–did someone give you chocolate?

  10. Jeff Sinon says:

    I’m going to wing it and say it looks like the bristles on a paint brush.

  11. benzeknees says:

    I’m really late but I think it’s a twig basket. You’re starting to get sneaky by posting these photos in black & white!

  12. Sorry for being so late this morning, but we went to see both movies last night and got home very late. For anyone who is interested, both movies were really good, but The Imitation Game could definitely win the Oscar for Best Picture. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing in the lead role! I still have others to watch that are in the running, but so far it’s my favourite!

    As for the mystery photo, anyone who said it is a paintbrush would be correct :). Great job!

  13. Of course all the obvious answers have already been posted. But to me I just look the feeling of time gone by it evokes in me. Love the tones and the stroke of energy.

  14. Thank you Otto :). What a wonderful comment.

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