Mystery Photo #165

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!  Yes, it is Mystery Photo Friday as well, but before we get to that I want to show you a funny photo that actually won me an autographed book this week.  Last summer I attended The Word on the Street book festival in Toronto.  I spent a fantastic day with a good friend of mine listening to authors speak and exploring table after table of wonderful books.  One of the most fascinating authors I met that day was Andrew Pyper, whose latest novel, The Damned, was just released this week.  I read it greedily and found it deliciously creepy, so when I saw on Facebook that Andrew Pyper was doing a contest to win an autographed copy, I jumped at the chance!  To enter, I had to submit a photo of myself reading The Damned.  Since it is a creepy book about a near death experience and a psychopathic ghost, I decided a creepy photo was the only way to go.  Here is my entry which I’m excited to say was chosen as one of the five winners:


Pretty cool eh?  Now I just have to wait for my autographed copy of the book to arrive in the mail.  I’m so excited!!  And now on to the mystery photo.  It’s a tough one.  I tried it out on both my hubby and my son, Daniel, and neither one of them even came close, so let’s see what you can do.   Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #165

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39 Responses to Mystery Photo #165

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Looks like three sticks of chalk to me.

  2. looks like chalk–but if this is supposed to be difficult than I had better put my thinking cap on–if I can find it–I seem to have misplaced it
    congrats on the free autographed book–bonus–there is nothing book lovers love more than a free book–I just got my second one from the National Post–if you join their book club they give away 25 books and all you have to do is review it–I was in the paper last year and hope to make it again this year

  3. TBM says:

    My legs in the winter. And yes, I have three legs.

    Love the book photo! How neat that you won.

  4. where is everybody this morning–frozen in the tundra of winter?

  5. where are you–thought the boss was away………..

  6. am I avoiding my work–yes–yes I am

  7. glue sticks for a hot glue gun?

  8. I seem to be talking to myself here………….

  9. Holy crapola is it Friday again, where has the week gone? I’ve spent the day carving a love spoon for Mrs BC. Anyhoo I think your pic is of you reading a scary book. Only kidding it’s some chalk.

  10. I love that image…The Damned one (sorry couldn’t resist). Congrats on winning it’s well deserved. Ok on to the mystery photo and because I’m online kinda late today I did not read any of the other comments. I’m going to say its a macro of a package of that sticky stuff you can use to put posters on the wall so it doesn’t run the paint.

  11. dorannrule says:

    Congratulations on the big win! I am proud to have rubbed shoulders with a celebrity! 🙂 The mystery photo? I think they are styrofoam cylinders used for crafts.

  12. benzeknees says:

    Congrats on winning an autographed copy of the Damned. I think the mystery photo is sticks of chalk. Now you know I never read anyone else’s answers before I guess,so I have no idea what other people have said.

  13. Wow, I thought I would totally stump you guys on this one. I thought it was really difficult, but not for my smart blogging friends. It is in fact a closeup of three sticks of white chalk. Congrats to everyone who guessed it correctly!! I really need to put my thinking cap on now :).

  14. Congratulations on winning the book! Do enjoy your autographed copy:)
    Is the mystery photo chalk? I didn’t look at the comments.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. THAT PHOTO IS BEYOND EPIC. No wonder you won! Nice one. 🙂

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