A fraction of an inch

I have so many photos from the last few months that I want to share with you, but every time I think of blogging I get busy doing something else.  However, today I was experimenting with my new little macro gadget for my iPhone, and one result astounded me, so I found some time for a quick post.

I was in my backyard checking out my peony buds which are just about ready to burst open, and I noticed tiny ants crawling all over the buds.  Now, these were not your normal sized ants.  If they were an eighth of an inch long I would be surprised.  In fact, it took me a minute to recognize that they were actually ants.  So, I decided to see if I could capture them with the macro lens, which proved to be quite difficult because as we all know ants don’t stand still.  They are constantly on the move, working away.  I did manage to grab a few shots though, and here is my favourite.  It makes for kind of an abstract picture don’t you think?

Tiny ant

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19 Responses to A fraction of an inch

  1. Vicki says:

    I agree. Nice abstract.
    Actually, it’s an astonishingly good shot for an iPhone macro.

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    Great shot Cindy. My wife got me a set of lenses for my iPhone for Christmas, they’re really fun to play around with.

    • Thanks Jeff :). This was only the second time I had tried my little gizmo, but it’s a blast to play around with. I also got a Grip and Shoot which grips your iPhone and connects by bluetooth. Then all you have to do is press the trigger on the handle to take your pictures. Much steadier that way. It’s great fun too :).

      • Jeff Sinon says:

        I’m definitely going to have to look into the Grip and Shoot, too much coffee I guess 😉

      • You would love it Jeff! I bought it at that photography show I went to in Toronto, and they even gave me a free attachment to use on it so that I don’t have to use the Grip and Shoot case. It just grips around my phone case, and it’s very secure.

  3. you and your little ant friend have inspired me to get a camera–and to think I used to be a photographer/reporter for the paper and now I do not have a working camera

    • I never go anywhere without a camera. In fact, I usually have my DSLR with me as well as a small point and shoot in my purse. Oh, and my iPhone. You should definitely get a camera – it’s so much fun!!

  4. dorannrule says:

    An abstract ant! Kudos Cindy for your camera genius!

  5. It’s a lovely abstract. Impressive that it’s your phone too. So pretty. Love the colours.

  6. beckyday6 says:

    Wow that is SO detailed! I can’t believe it’s from an iPhone. How amazing is technology these days?

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