Strangely Appealing

If someone offers us the use of a boat, my hubby immediately grabs his fishing rod and tackle box, and I grab…..wait for it……my camera, of course :).  So, when my cousin asked us if we wanted to take a boat out while at his resort in Port Loring, Ontario a couple of weekends ago, we jumped at the chance.  I had packed a lot of warm clothes for that weekend seeing as it was September and the weather had started to change already, but that day was warm and sunny, and we had a blast out on the water.  No, the fish weren’t biting very much, but for Mikey trying was almost as fun as catching because it was relaxation that he hasn’t experienced since before the summer rush began at his work.

So, we puttered around the lakes, and while Mikey was tempting the fish with juicy worms and colourful lures, I snapped pictures of anything and everything.  After taking the standard scenic lake and shoreline photos, I started looking around for unique shots – anything that caught my eye in some way, but wasn’t the standard photo.  On our way back to the resort, we passed an old, falling down boat house, and I snapped multiple pictures from various angles, but it was when I zoomed right in on the side of the boathouse that I got my favourite shot.  Other people might wonder what the heck I took a picture of this for, but I love the colours and textures, and the way the scene is illuminated perfectly by the sun.  This is one of those shots that I find keeps my eyes busy for minutes at a time, examining every little detail.  What do you think?  Do you like unusual shots like this?

Tire on boathouse

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31 Responses to Strangely Appealing

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I love shots of the small details in any place. But then I am a person who always paid attention to the small details in my working life too. Textile design, clothing swing tickets, wrapping paper and a whole lot more were part of my art education & Fashion designing degree 40+ years ago, so its not surprising they appeal to me in a photo.

    I love the texture of the wood in your image and the reflection in the water too. Sometimes I think photographers (in general) should pay more attention to colour, line & shape. To me, your photo above has perfect proportions and really succeeds in drawing the eye into the frame and leading it around the composition.

    Not every photographer can do that and not every viewer can appreciate that.

  2. I agree I would have photographed this as well and for all the reasons you stated. I love all the details. Terrific shot Cindy.

  3. bulldog says:

    Yes Cindy I would have shot it as well and later on wondered why. But playing with it on the computer would remind me why… My Brother in law is a great fisher man, and I will often accompany him to the beach, him with his rod and me with my camera… he once asked me why I don’t fish my answer was simple, “don’t have the patience needed” His reply “you’ve sat here all day taking photos of what I don’t know, yet you say you have no patience” I can too sit and look for that special shot that might just occur once due do to correct light or shade or whatever… does that make us wonkie..???

  4. dorannrule says:

    The horizontal, the vertical, the round, the color gradations, the sparkle of the water, the textures. Good grief. It has it all. You are very talented.

  5. Jeff Sinon says:

    I think it’s an excellent photograph Cindy, for all the reasons you’ve stated. The light is great, and there is so much texture and shape that your eyes are kept busy taking it all in. And it’s composed very well. Great eye.

  6. grahamatlinc says:

    To me, the enchantement is that such shots encapsulate a passage of time not just a moment. Makes ones stop and wonder at all the things that have created that scene and all that has passed by during that time. Nice work. 🙂

  7. My kind of picture–it’s the little things in life that are often the most curious.

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    Good eye to spot and capture this scene.

  9. beckyday6 says:

    That tire looks weirdly soft and smooth in this picture, it’s quite intriguing! Hope everything is well with you Cindy. 🙂

  10. zannyro says:

    My kingdom for an unusual shot….love, love, love them! I do love the color and texture in this…it FEELS like fall…gotta be that gorgeous fall light 🙂

  11. benzeknees says:

    I find these kinds of photos appealing too – I always wonder what was happening there in the moment when the pic was taken.

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