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Strangely Appealing

If someone offers us the use of a boat, my hubby immediately grabs his fishing rod and tackle box, and I grab…..wait for it……my camera, of course :).  So, when my cousin asked us if we wanted to take a … Continue reading

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Fuzzy grass, fuzzy brain

Does you brain ever feel fuzzy when you have been overly busy for a few days?  Mine certainly does tonight, and being in this semi brain-dead state, my mind wanders from one random subject to another, which tonight included remembering … Continue reading

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Promoting a sense of peace

Work has been crazy busy lately, and I have had a nasty headache for two days, so I thought it would be nice to post a photo tonight that promotes a sense of peace and quiet and restfulness.  Although there … Continue reading

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Having a little fun!

I know this is a photography blog where I try to share my best quality photos, but sometimes photos are meant to be shared not for how well they are taken but for what they convey. On Saturday, we drove … Continue reading

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Did you miss me?

Yesterday was the first day that I skipped blogging, and it felt really strange.  Did you miss me because I sure missed all of you? LOL Actually, it worked out well for me because Sunday night, when I normally would … Continue reading

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Go out? But I haven’t done my blog for tomorrow!!

I have neglected a lot of things this summer because it was so beautiful out plus I spent a lot of time getting Bryan ready for college – helping him apply for student loans, getting his banking in order and … Continue reading

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