Mystery Photo #87

What six words best describe this past week for me?  Hot as hell and lovin’ it!!!  Every day it has been sunny and at least 30°C and feeling like close to 40°C with the humidity. I know, in an ideal world there would be no humidity and my house would not be so hot that my TV overheats, but I am not complaining one bit because before you know it we will be shoveling again, and you know how much I hate winter.  Let’s face it – summer is short! So, as a result, I have hardly had my computer or TV on, and when not at work I have been sitting on my deck listening to the birds sing with a smile on my face and a good book in my hands (started and finished the 4th Game of Thrones book this week).  Ahhh, this is the life :).

Now for the mystery photo.  I am purposely going to say very little other than the fact that I just can’t wait to hear what you come up with LOL!  Enough said :).  Ok, ready, set, go……

Mystery Photo #87

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32 Responses to Mystery Photo #87

  1. Corner of an eye? Glad you are enjoying warmer times

  2. beckyday6 says:

    My guess is the in-between bit of the face which is like the corner of the cheek with a bit of the nose showing and and with the eye just out of shot.

    Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the heat! I have been doing the same, it’s so rare that it’s this hot here! 🙂

  3. I see wrinkles, freckles, and eyelashes. I’m guessing leprechaun.

  4. bulldog says:

    It can’t be the corner of an eye…that’s too easy… ummmh let me think… it must be,,, Noooo you wouldn’t post that… it must be…. the corner of an eye…

  5. I am sorry–am I the only one grossed out by this–sometimes when we take a little something from a whole, examine it closely, and it becomes rather unpalatable. Not going to venture a guess, though I do love the Leprechaun guess, though it looks more troll-like to me. Ms. Loony I do not like this one very much–my imagination is working overtime and the ewwww factor is looming.

  6. Andy says:

    It’s Joan Rivers before her face lift. 🙂

  7. I’m going to say the corner of an eye but that just seems to easy. What do you have up your sleeve Cindy?

  8. Map of Time says:

    So now your looking up someone’s nose and snapping photos. Cindy, I am appalled at your lack of etiquette. Tsk, tsk. Please turn to page 1 of Emily Post.

  9. benzeknees says:

    The folds of skin in front of a decidedly male ear? And because of the number of folds I would say this older gentleman was smiling.

  10. Cindy – you just left us on our own today–where are you?

    • I’m sorry honey bunch :). Busy day at work, then grocery shopping, huge storm, unload groceries, take pictures, huge storm, take more pictures, edit pictures LOL!! I’m going to post some soon. Did you get the storms today? We had severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches all day today. It was crazy! Mike was driving home on a backroad and he was driving 10 km/hr with his hazards on, and he couldn’t see 2 feet in front of him. He said it was worse than a whiteout.

      • we got it last night and the hydro was out for hours and I was fearing for the contents of my fridge–and no AC so woke up sweating–ugh–but it is back on today and promises to be cooler
        was watching the Weather Channel and saw how widespread this storm was–glad you guys are okay and Mike got home safe and sound

      • I know, there were areas that got hit a lot worse than we did. We never lost our power and there was no damage (other than some very flattened flowers that will bounce back), but I know some people are still without power and cleaning up now. Glad you are safe and that your power is back on!

  11. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Ditto to Benzeknees answer. Definitely a man’s ear, but I might also go for a pig’s ear too – lol.

  12. Sorry, I wasn’t around much to comment on your comments yesterday, but as I told LouAnn it was a busy day at work and then craziness after work with the huge storms we had. But we do have 2 winners this week – Benzeknees and Vicki – who knew that it was the edge of a man’s ear and the folds of skin beside it. My hubby was laying on a chair on the deck and smiling, so the skin kind of crinkles up there. Congrats to both of you, but I’m not sure what Mike is going to think of the “older gentleman” reference (Benzeknees) or the alternate idea that it might be a pig’s ear (Vicki). LOL!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone :).

    • benzeknees says:

      You can always comfort Mike with the thought I didn’t say “an old man’s ear!” The only reason I said older gentleman’s ear is because of the hair in his ear – the hair doesn’t show up until a gent gets a little older. Did you know whether a man will get hairy ears is determined by a gene passed down from father’s?

      • No, I didn’t know that, but I’m glad to say that he only has a little bit, not like some of those men where there are always big clumps hanging out of their ears LOL!! And don’t worry, he wasn’t really upset about the “older gentleman” reference – I was just having fun with you :).

  13. Mike is a very handsome man and you should not take his ear out of context with his face–tell him sorry about the troll comment–if you took a pic of just my ear I am sure I would look like a girl troll!

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