Mystery Photo #86

Oh man, this work week could not end fast enough for me!!  It started off crappy and didn’t get much better.  On Monday we got to work to find that our entire phone system had crashed and spent most of the day trying to get it fixed and getting little to no work done.  Trust me, trying to run a law office without being able to receive calls or make calls makes for a very frustrating day, especially since clients are not always very patient.

Also important to our office is the tracking system that we have on our photocopier which allows us to bill photocopies, faxes, and scans to each individual file.  Well, guess what? The tracking system crashed too.  You might ask well why didn’t you just disconnect the tracking system and not worry about charging to the files, but it’s not as simple as that. You have to reprogram stuff, and we couldn’t get in touch with the company, so Tuesday was spent dealing with that.

Then one of the girl’s printers broke down, and I was tasked with installing a new one.  I know – printers are generally pretty easy to set up nowadays, but not so when you are still running some DOS programs.  Don’t even get me started on why we are still using a DOS program :).

Anyway, I think you can see now why I’m really glad it’s Friday and why it’s time to have some fun with the Mystery Photo.  I need some laughs to start off my day, so give me all you’ve got and throw some interesting guesses at me.  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Old winch

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38 Responses to Mystery Photo #86

  1. It would appear to be some kind of gear wheel on a piece of old machinery, possibly something like an old waterpump or other agricultural equipment.

  2. DOS: doesn’t that stand for Difficult, Obsolete, and Stupid?

  3. It’s part of a mechanical model of a tropical fish, a tar-pon.

  4. TBM says:

    My old car after a road trip

  5. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I guess it’s a …………… (guess what my guess is, no cheating now….).

    (you have my sympathy about the lousy week at work).

  6. Is this from your decrepit tracking system–if so no wonder you had problems–looks like Alexander Graham Bell could not have helped! It looks like the cogs in my brain–kind of dusty and clogged up———

  7. Attempting to comment again, I swear I did this earlier maybe I’ve been linked to TBM as a spammer. I think it’s part of the gearing from some sort of old agricultural equipment, probably a water pump.

  8. bulldog says:

    You are still using DOS… then the picture must be from the inside of your work computer… think it needs a bit more grease as well…..

  9. beckyday6 says:

    The ancient wheel of an old fashion zimmer frame/walker?
    Okay ermmm, the spinning wheel sleeping beauty pricked her finger on?
    No you say? 😮
    Some kind of farm equipment?

    Ooooh I know…

    A WHEEL!

    Ha, I’m all out, sorry to hear you’ve had a rubbishy few days at work, it seems like the world went all Revolution on you with the technology. 🙂

  10. RMW says:

    It’s rather heartening to know that DOS is still alive and well out there in the world. Way, way, way before most people were even born, someone taught me to write DOS batch commands and I had all kinds of fun… I was actually sad when Windows came along and that skill was no longer needed… I feel sorry for people who never had that experience (especially MAC people, LOL)… Okay, so my guess for your photo, even though I really don’t have a clue, is some kind of hay bailer because of all the straw on the ground.

    • You would have been best friends with my boss who just retired. He loved DOS :). I must admit that I haven’t minded using the DOS version of WordPerfect for 25 years. The macros we have set up work great, and I can do a triple merge in no time. However, everything is geared towards Windows now, so it’s about time we upgrade. I think the boss knows that but also realizes it will not be a quick process considering how many master documents we would have to convert. Yikes!

  11. benzeknees says:

    Sorry to hear about your crappy work week – sounds like my week waiting for my parcel. I think it’s a gear to a piece of farm machinery, you know the kind that’s obsolete & people use them as lawn decorations?

  12. Sorry to hear about your frustrating week!
    Your photo…hmmm..I think it’s the wheel of the rickshaw you’re going to on this weekend for a sweet, relaxing ride.

  13. Some Farm yard machinery for sure..

  14. okay, I know you are up cause you visited me–what the heck is it? and what are you doing up so early on a non-work day after the week you had?

  15. now I have to start my day without knowing–young lady where are you–are you eating breakfast?

  16. TBM, Irene, Mr. Bunny–where are you–are you going to let her get away with this?

  17. Ok, Ok, I’m here :). I was trying to sleep in a little bit this morning, but that never works for me because my mind wakes up and starts compiling a list of what I should get done today LOL! I intend to spend a few hours like a whirling dirvish getting some chores done, and then I am going to plant my butt on the deck with a book for an afternoon of reading :).

    By the way, if anybody wants an absolutely amazing movie to go and see, we saw World War Z last night, and it was incredible! I haven’t been that freaked out by a movie in a long time, and it really made me think of the possibilities. I highly recommend it.

    So, many of you had the right idea this week with the mystery photo guessing that it was some type of gear or machinery. It is in fact part of the old winding gear for a canal lock found at the Newboro Lock near Kingston, Ontario. Of course, they are all run by hydraulics now, but in the old days they used winding gear like this and good old elbow grease to open and close the locks. I had never seen locks work before, and I found it very fascinating watching the boats go through. I will do a post about it one of these days because I took lots of pictures.

    Have a fabulous weekend everyone :).

  18. yeah, like we are going to get that!

  19. zannyro says:

    Geez….you better not sleep in again…They’ll come pounding on your day!

  20. Sorry I missed the post on Friday. I know you already have the answer but I would have guessed the inside gears of your DOS system 😉

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