A story to tell

This week my blog seems to have centred around walks/hikes that my husband and I have taken.  Well, today is no different.  One weekend a couple of years ago we decided to find a place that people had told us about but that we had never been to – the Nottawasaga Bluffs.  This is a conservation area just outside of Singhampton, Ontario on the way to Collingwood, Ontario, consisting of 400 acres of forests, meadows, caves, and countryside.  There are caves to explore (which we haven’t done yet), many trails to hike including one which connects to the Bruce Trail, and the view from the bluffs is absolutely breathtaking no matter what season. The website for the conservation area mentions that the area was once home to pioneer communities and that there are still signs of an original homestead, and I think that is what we stumbled across on our hike.

The funny thing was, we were trying to find the bluffs that day, but through our own stupidity we took the wrong trail and ended up getting far more exercise than we expected!!  I didn’t mind though because I captured many beautiful scenes that afternoon.  As we walked the “wrong” trail, we saw the remains of a fireplace and a stone foundation through the trees and hiked in to investigate.  I have many beautiful pictures from that day, but I really like photos that make you think, and this one certainly does.  As we stood out there in the middle of nowhere, with no signs of civilization around us, I wondered when this house was built and who lived there.  What was their life like?  It was probably a great deal more challenging physically than ours today, but it was also probably much slower paced and less stressful.  I wondered if it was the only house in the vicinity or if they had neighbours close by.  Did they build it themselves?  In other words, it wasn’t just a pretty picture – it had a story to tell.



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8 Responses to A story to tell

  1. livio says:

    well did you ever find out who lived there?

  2. No, sorry, I didn’t, but I like to imagine it was a very hard working but happy family with lots of kids running around.

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Great photo. Maybe someone at the Conservation Area can give you some info about the structure.
    greetings from http://northernprints.wordpress.com

  4. dafarmer says:

    Very nice! I love shots that make you think! I wondee the same thing now.

  5. Stefan says:

    love the red chimney in combination with different treecolours

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