A quickie in the garden

Now that’s a title isn’t it?  LOL!!  Did I get your attention?  Now get your minds out of the gutter will you.

When I got home from work today I had a phone call from my auto body guy who met with the insurance appraiser yesterday regarding our car/deer encounter on Sunday night.  He told me that the insurance company has agreed to fix the car but only with after market parts, not genuine Chrysler parts, because the car is 3 years old.  I am ecstatic that they are going to fix my baby, but I am a little disappointed about the parts.  I mean, we get boned every year with insurance costs, so shouldn’t they return my car to me the way it was.  The after market parts are certified and everything, but you and I both know that they are probably not quite as good as true Chrysler parts.  So, my body guy said it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that I wasn’t overly happy about the results of their appraisal, especially since there are only 66,000 km on the car.

I had to speak to another insurance adjuster when I first called because the one assigned to our claim was talking to another customer, but I told him I wanted a call back from my adjuster.  While I was waiting, I went outside to water and check on my flowers (some of which are still looking quite sickly after the recent snow and frost), and I found a couple that are obviously very hardy and haven’t suffered at all.  I ran inside, grabbed my gorilla pod (tiny tripod) and my extender tubes,and did the quickest photo shoot ever so that I could get back inside to the phone (as it turned out the stupid insurance guy never did call me back :().

I know that these photos could have been a lot better if I had more time to experiment, and if it hadn’t been so windy, but I still like them.  They make me smile, and when dealing with insurance companies, trust me you need to keep smiling :).

Flower 1

Flower 2

Flower 3

Flower 4

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32 Responses to A quickie in the garden

  1. I think the came out great Cindy especially the last two. Don’t let the insurance company off the hook. That’s ridiculous. They need to make good and give you the right parts. I’m hoping to be at the Henry’s show on Sunday. When did you say you were going?

    • Thanks Edith :). This is so funny. I was just folding laundry, and you know how your mind wanders when you are doing repetitive chores like that. Well, I thought about the camera show and whether or not you might be going. I just sat down to send you a message when the email about your comment came in. Unfortunately, I am going to the show on Saturday :(. I have never gone two days in a row before, but there’s always a first time isn’t there? So, if by chance I decide to go down on Sunday too, I will let you know. Or, if you end up going Saturday instead, pop me a message because I will get it on my iPhone.

      • I’ll let you know. Unfortunately my day is jam packed on Saturday so I don’t think I’ll make it down. I’m hoping to get over there on Sunday afternoon.

      • Well, even if we don’t meet up this weekend, maybe I could come down to the city one day this summer, and you could show me some of the cool downtown spots to photograph? How about that? 🙂

  2. beckyday6 says:

    I laughed at your blog post name, I was quite confused when I saw that in my inbox, LOL, then I saw that it was from the looneybin and realised it wasn’t spam. 😛
    Love the photo’s, they look pretty darn excellent to me irrelevant to the time frame. And how dare Mr insurance dude not call you back! Hmmph! Does no not know he is talking to Cindy? The famous, blogger, reader and photo extraordinaire of the internet?!

    P.S. I’m heading off to Edinburgh on Saturday, aggggghhhhhh, I’m so excited!

    • OMG, your comment made me laugh so hard!! I love how you described me :). Edinburgh – yayyyyyyy!!! Don’t forget to make mental notes for me ok? I need to know good places to stay and eat, and the things I definitely have to see. Are you driving or taking the train? Whatever the case, have a blast because you deserve an awesome vacation after completing your first year at uni!! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Wait a minute – that leaves you wide open LOL!

      • beckyday6 says:

        Hahaaa glad you liked it!
        I know, I have been looking forward to this so much, is has been the motivation for me to do all my work haha. Unfortunately I am only able to stay five days because my friends were worried there wouldn’t be enough to do (pha, they’re just not trying hard enough, moan-ey moan-ey people :P) but at least it will give me a good taster and I can always go back again! I’m going by plane because it turned out that was the cheapest way to do it (other than a car but it’s a really long way to drive unless you stop off on the way) I will definitely let you know! I might even do a blog post about it if I have enough interesting stuff, but we’ll see. 🙂

        Ohh I love that expression! That means I’m allowed to buy half a bookstore right? Right. Okay then IF YOU INSIST!!! 😛

      • Definitely!! Just pack light so you have lots of room for great book finds :). Wow, plane was the cheapest? I never would have thought that. I look forward to hearing all about it, and make sure you don’t get caught looking under those kilts. i don’t want your next blog post to be from jail!!

  3. dorannrule says:

    Oh – These photos are GORGEOUS! And I’ll bet Mikey had a laugh at the title huh? And glad you are smiling at the hardy flower survivors. Good luck with the car repair. It never hurts to send a letter to the powers that be. Usually gets results….. 🙂 Dor

    • Thanks Dor :). I’m so glad you enjoyed them. As far as the insurance company goes, I am a firm believer in standing up for yourself and letting your opinion be known. So, even though it may not end up getting me anywhere, at least I will know I tried! A letter may not be a bad idea either because apparently if we had a different package, we would be getting proper Chrysler parts, but nobody ever told me there were different packages!! Figures eh?

  4. sayvan says:

    Well thank god your photos looked great because I was very disappointed after I read the title…. talk about a let down… wow… of course my wife always says when May comes along “hurray hurray its the first of May and outdoor screwing starts today”… I am still waiting for that too! I thought maybe your post today was a revelation!
    Now as for the insurance… Don’t take that at all… ask them to show you in your policy where it states you get second hand or sub par parts, that’s BS… take them on…!

    • LMAO – it’s a lot more feasible if you live out in the country you know!! Love your wife’s saying by the way. That’s too funny! As for the insurance company, they claim that there is another package that we don’t have that covers getting the “real” parts, but I told them that we were never offered that package, and I have been talking to them every year lately because of changes that had to be made when each of my sons got their licences. Don’t worry I will still give the guy a hard time tomorrow. It may not get me anywhere in the long run, but I’m a firm believer in not giving up until I have tried everything. At least they are not writing off my car even though there is $10,000 in damage because I LOVE my car!!

  5. I know how to get readers with a slightly misleading headline but have never tried this one–imagine that in my small town newspaper column! Dealing with insurance companies takes a lot of chocolate cake and milk–so sorry you are going through this–hopefully in the end you will get your car back in shape

    • LOL!! I can’t wait to see how many different people visit and like my blog this time just because of the title. It should be interesting :). The car will get fixed, thank goodness. I’m just making sure that I push for the best results I can get from my insurance company. You definitely have to look out for yourself nowadays.

  6. benzeknees says:

    Considering it was a quickie, you did an excellent job with these pics! Beautiful!

  7. krikitarts says:

    Anything that brings a smile when working with (against?) an insurance company is well worth any effort that we can invest. Good job on investing yours–keep us posted, please!

  8. bulldog says:

    What a title to get the blood flowing this morning… had my imagination run riot… and then to find it was only flowers, damn, … but the photos are outstanding… lol..
    As for insurance… kick butt… when our house suffer the last flood from the river 18 months ago, I was not able to be there when the assessors were… they approved what they thought was needing repairing.. when we managed to get down to see what was going on, and talking to the contractors, we discovered that the repainting of the house, and all new carpets had been approved, yet the cottage outside had not received the same approval.. a phone call to the assessor had him springing, I threatened news paper articles, suing the company and all… my argument was had the cottage flooded by different water.??
    Our kitchen cupboards that had hard wood fronts, but composite board shelves repair was not approved, he hadn’t bothered to open a cupboard door to see the inside that had been covered in mud and totally destroyed.. it took 7 months of uphill battles to get everything repaired that had to be repaired…
    The man would not come and meet with me on site.. as he would have suffered a different type of quickie in the garden, a good clip around the ear hole would have been his reward…
    When one pays insurance on a house valued at R1 600 000, I think the insurance who collects that money every year, pays these assessors a percentage for what they can save the company, to hell with them I say… fight the good fight… kick ass if you have to…

    • Glad to hear that I got your blood flowing Bulldog 🙂 and thanks for the compliment about the photos. Sounds like you are not a lover of insurance companies either. I mean, I am happy that they didn’t write off my car, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to expect it to come back exactly the same as it was before, especially with how much insurance we pay. I may not get anywhere with this, but I’m not going to give in without a fight. Do you know what the funniest part is? I am the only one they have questioned regarding the accident, and I wasn’t even the one driving the car. I know it was not an accident involving another car, but you would still think that they would have wanted to question my hubby since he was the one driving. I could have been asleep in the passenger seat for all they know.

  9. Andy says:

    Pretty darn good for a quickie.

  10. Jeff Sinon says:

    It’s nice to se you had time to make a few photos after your quickie 😉

    I love the frame filling color of the last two.

  11. TBM says:

    When I was a kid I broke my knee and needed crutches. The insurance company actually sent a letter asking why a kid with a broken knee needed crutches. What???? Ever since then, I’ve hated insurance anything. Love these photos.

  12. dogear6 says:

    I loved the title on your post and the content did not disappoint either. I’m not sure those pictures would have been much better even if you had taken way more time on them – they look pretty awesome as they are!


  13. That last shot is gorgeous!

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