Mystery Photo #13

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – post photo on blog.  Check!

Thursday – acknowledge blogging awards. Check!

Friday – oh ya, it’s mystery photo day!!

Time for everyone to wake up their lazy brains that have turned to mush during the week because of jobs, kids, etc. and get thinking.  Ok, ready, set, go…….


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6 Responses to Mystery Photo #13

  1. too easy it’s a dartboard

  2. Yep, I also think a dartboard 🙂

  3. TBM says:

    I’m on board for the dartboard.

  4. Close-up of a dartboard!!! 🙂 **

  5. Ok, I’m not even waiting until tomorrow. You all got it correct!! I think everyone is just getting too smart for me, and I’m going to really have to put on my thinking cap to stump you next week. Maybe I should have made this one black and white to confuse you. Oh well. Great job everyone! 🙂

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