Mystery Photo #104

Have you wondered where I disappeared to?  There I was telling you about all the amazing photos from Ottawa that I wanted to share with you, and then I only posted the Library of Parliament pictures before disappearing for a week after the mystery photo last Friday. Well, a spur of the moment decision found us ripping apart my youngest son’s bedroom so that it could be repainted.  He has had the same frog wallpaper border since he was about 3 years old, and he is 17 now, so it was definitely time.  Between work and other obligations though, we didn’t get much time to work on it during the week, but the many holes from the jigsaw puzzles nailed to his wall have been filled and sanded and the walls have one coat of primer. Hopefully, we will get a lot done this weekend.

Now that I’m done making excuses, let’s have some fun.  I just love this shot for how cool it looks but also because it could be so many things.  There is potential for a real variety of guesses this week.  Let the craziness begin :).  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #104

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54 Responses to Mystery Photo #104

  1. Looks like some sort of decorative balustrade to me, could of course be barking up the wrong tree and it’s the arm of a rocking chair. My new camera just arrived so I may be absent while I play. TBM are you about for a play this weekend, you can be my first.

  2. it is part of the device you use to torture Mikey–

  3. TBM says:

    Nose picking device.

    Mr Bunny I’m so glad you got your camera. I know you’ve been waiting for ages. I can’t this weekend, but we should plan to get together real soon. I can’t wait. And I’m working on my resource page on my blog and want to add your wonderful part: photography.

  4. Is it the decorative end of a curtain pole?

  5. What? You can’t clean a room with one hand and blog with the other? Where’s your versatility, girl?

    Your unknown looks like it could be the tip of one of those flat metal decorations that people nail up on the outside of houses, akin to house numbers .

  6. Is the finial from a curtain rod. I heard about the Heinz plant closing. It’s a travesty.

  7. RMW says:

    Maybe a hook for hanging plants? Whatever it is, there SHOULD be a plant hanging on it!

  8. Decorative door handle perhaps?

  9. dorannrule says:

    Your son must be ecstatic about losing his frogs!
    Mystery Photo? A chair arm! Must be a beautiful chair. 🙂

  10. Map of Time says:

    Decorative arm of a bench or possibly a coat rack?

  11. I know, I know–you have this attached to your chimney so Santa can make it down safely–at least that is what you say it is–but it is really so your alien friends can descend safely down from your roof when they visit

  12. benzeknees says:

    Kelvin and I are guessing the ornamental back plate for a knob on a dresser or other piece of furniture with knobs. You don’t usually find these on modern pieces of furniture, more often on older furniture. It’s decorative.

  13. grahamatlinc says:

    I say you lot. Ish a little known fact that Captain Hook had a rich cousin who liked a more fancy app app appendage. Found it yusheful for winklin out shell fish and holding cigars, don’t ye no. 🙂 and a Merry Quishmas to one and all.

  14. A decorative walking stick for maneuvering on steep hills.

  15. grahamatlinc says:

    I don’t what it is but put in the hands of a vet and you won’t see an animal for miles. 🙂

  16. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!!! Although many of the answers were logical possibilities (well, maybe not a nose picker or a torture device for my hubby), the correct answer was given by Steven Perlmutter. It is a decorative door handle. We just moved our offices at work to a new location and major renovations were needed before we could move in. This is the handle on the door going from the reception area to our work area. Congrats Steve!!!

  17. I wish you would give a prize for most creative answer–then the rest of us would win once in a while!

  18. beckyday6 says:

    I is gunna go with a curley whirley handle or chair arm, OR a nose scratcher. 😛

    The frog story made me nod in agreement. For the longest time I had this strip of pink fairy paper around my wall and I think I finally got rid of that around the age of 16/17. I was so happy to see it go! It was lovely at the time but I had outgrown it.

    • You are correct!! It is a curley whirley door handle :). Yes, poor Daniel, being the youngest, always had things done last or received hand me downs, so that’s why we are redoing his room first. He also has a teeny tiny room, so this time we are doing it very plain which will look a little more spacious and more grown up. He has a black, gray and white comforter for his bed, the walls are going to be a fairly dark grey, and his trip and doors will be white. Then he is going to put framed posters of video games on the wall. A real guy’s room :).

      • beckyday6 says:

        Yaaaaaaaayyyy. People got there before my but yayyyy! I didn’t look at anyone else’s answers so I think I can claim that one as a personal victory. 😛

        Oooh that sounds wonderful and much better than frogs. 🙂 That’s a great idea to do his room first, I’m sure he will appreciate it!

      • I am soooo tired! We have been installing new doors in Daniel’s room and painting all day, so now we are taking a break amd going to see the movie Ender’s Game :). And yes, Daniel loves his room so far.

  19. zannyro says:

    DRAT I WAS LATE AGAIN, BUT I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure Daniel is thrilled with the changes to his room and my condolences on the loss of the Heinz facility…I’m not trying to be light hearted about this…I know it’s a real blow to a community…:(

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