Mystery Photo #44

Some weeks it is really hard to think of a mystery photo idea, and this was definitely one of those weeks!  Sometimes I have what I think is a great idea, but then getting a good shot that doesn’t totally give it away can turn out to be more difficult than I originally thought.

Also, like I have said before, there are weeks when I think the mystery photo is going to be very difficult, but then you all guess it right away.  Other times I think it is pretty much a give away and nobody gets it.

Usually I ask my family to be the guinea pigs to test my mystery photos.  This week both Mike and Daniel think it’s too easy, but I’m not so sure.  So, give it your best shot, and let’s see if they were right.  Ok, ready, set, go……

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9 Responses to Mystery Photo #44

  1. Not easy at all. Ok the bottom of a bike rack?

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    The nose bridge area on a pair of eyeglasses.

  3. bridge on a pair of specs upside down

  4. David Hall says:

    Yep…spectacles. 🙂

  5. okay I was going to complain about the fact that I need context with these pictures, then I noticed my glasses were missing

  6. Tammy says:

    I forth it, I immediately thought upside down glasses on a table or something

  7. Dor says:

    I don’t have a clue! I never do have a clue. I am embarrassed to admit this though. Ah well. 🙂

  8. 4Brats! says:

    I see a rug under neath don’t I? So I ‘m thinking the top of a vacuum” Got picture, very hard to guess..

  9. We have lots of smart people this week. Anyone who said the nose bridge on a pair of eyeglasses is correct!! You guys are just getting smarter and smarter every week :). Great job!

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