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Reduced Visibility

I’m not sure if I have ever posted twice in one day before, but we ventured uptown to take some more pictures of the storm, and I couldn’t wait to share them.  When we got up to the highway, we … Continue reading

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A Storm Approaches…..

There was no time for the tripod.  I knew a storm was coming, and it was coming fast!  You could feel the building tension and the electricity in the air.  I really love storms, so when I arrived home from … Continue reading

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The Phenomenon of Wind

I am a total book freak, so one of the things I look forward to the most about summer is sitting out on my deck with a good book, the sun shining on my face, and the sound of the … Continue reading

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Fly like a bird…..

Watching seagulls gliding effortlessly along the seashore or Canada geese flying in perfect formation or a hawk diving for its prey always leaves me in awe.  Have you ever watched the flight of a bird and wished you could fly … Continue reading

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The power of wind!

Wind can be dangerous and it can also provide fun.  I’ve showed you that already over the past few days.  But with a planet that is quickly running out of resources, wind can also provide us with power that does … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Wrath

After spending the whole day yesterday with the wind howling and battering my house once again, a continued wind and weather theme does seem in order I think.  We spent all day Saturday under wind warnings as well as a … Continue reading

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Who Has Seen The Wind?

It seems as if Mother Nature has lost her mind!!  For the past couple of nights the news has been full of tornado coverage from the midwestern United States (79 tornado reports covering 10 states at one point) where the … Continue reading

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