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Sea oats in the sunrise

When I first started this blog, I managed to publish a post every day for over a year without missing a single day.  How I managed that, I still don’t know.  Lately, I seem to be only posting a couple … Continue reading

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The sun rises and sets with him

I have received many emails in the past showing people who have made creative photos where it appears that someone is holding up the moon or the sun.  I have always wanted to try it myself but have never really … Continue reading

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Worth waking up early for

Going on vacation and maintaining a photography blog causes a huge dilemma for me. When you are taking hundreds of photos every day but you are so busy sightseeing and having fun that you only have time to do a … Continue reading

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For the first time…

Mike and I always dreamed of being parents, and once our boys came along we devoted our lives to them because that’s what having a family meant to us.  While other parents were out partying on the weekends and dumping … Continue reading

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The things we do for an awesome photo

After donning a scarf, heavy coat, winter boots, and big thick mitts, I ventured out into the -20° Celsius temperatures this morning, hopped into my car and headed to work.  As I turned onto the highway, I was met with … Continue reading

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A sense of peace

Have you ever noticed that some photographs cause you to experience a physical reaction? For me, the sign of a truly special photograph is when my first reaction is to sigh and a sense of peace descends over me.  Here … Continue reading

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Sunrise Interrupted

Yesterday. Time to go to work. Too impatient to let my car warm up and too lazy to scrape the light layer of frost off my windshield (yes, I said the “F word”). As I drive down the highway, I … Continue reading

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