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Rip, Tear, Munch, Munch

You remember Zipper, don’t you?  He’s my son’s pet leopard gecko.  Well, the other day I finally caught on camera something that happens to Zipper about once every month or so which fascinates me to no end.  I know some … Continue reading

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♪♫ Celebrate good times, come on!!! ♪♫

It’s official!  My holidays have begun, and I made it through my last day of work without going to jail.  I can hear you now – WHAT???  Well, the boss has been a bit of a *#@&% (5 letter word … Continue reading

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Windows to the past

Another photography fascination for me is old windows and doors.  They have such character, and I always want to look inside to see if there is evidence of a time gone by and I wonder about the people who used … Continue reading

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Emptiness after greatness

I am so depressed.  Well, not really – not in the real sense of the word.  If you are a lover of books, you will understand what I am feeling right now, and if not you will just think I’m … Continue reading

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Primary Pleasures

Having grown up in a family of sailors, I love being near the water, and if I happen to visit a waterfront town, I always find myself drawn to the harbour, where I know I will feel relaxed.  Back in … Continue reading

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Another little buddy

After three days of cloud pictures, I decided to switch to something living and breathing.  This photo was taken back in 2007 before I had a DSLR, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the shot (good … Continue reading

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My little buddy

Sunshine + Fresh Air + Hot Temperatures = Feel like blogging??  Umm, not so much.  So far I have not missed a single day of blogging since I started Photos From The Loonybin, but with our temperatures soaring into the … Continue reading

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There’s something about a freshly seeded potato field in the Spring that I find very mesmerizing – the perfectly straight rows, laid out one after another after another.  When Mike and I went for a drive the other night with … Continue reading

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Dig, Plant, Patterns, Mulch

It’s Monday of the first long weekend of the season here in Canada, and I am totally exhausted.  Statistics say that the chances of a warm and sunny Victoria Day weekend are slim to nil, but this year we got … Continue reading

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Do I sssssscare you?

When my boys were in public school (Grades 4-8), they were required to produce a science fair project each year in early Spring.  I always pushed my kids to do their best whenever it came to school projects, and it … Continue reading

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