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Atmospheric Phenomenon

I know I have already done a post in the past about sundogs (although at the time I thought it was a rainbow), but I just had to post another photo because this one was taken with my iPhone 5s. … Continue reading

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Tenacious Defined

My little old house on the highway is still holding on believe it or not, but during one of our first winter storms this year it took quite a beating in the wind, and everyone who drives by it on … Continue reading

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A mixture of good and bad

The last five days have definitely been interesting and certainly not boring.  A real smorgasbord of good and bad that’s for sure.  Remember how happy I was after we finished planting all of our gardens on the long weekend?  Well, … Continue reading

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Breaking the Ice

The weather has been really up and down around here lately.  One day it’s freezing rivers solid and the next it’s so warm that the ice breaks and flows in chunks down the waterways.  We heard that the river running … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Wrath

After spending the whole day yesterday with the wind howling and battering my house once again, a continued wind and weather theme does seem in order I think.  We spent all day Saturday under wind warnings as well as a … Continue reading

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Hey, maybe the geese had the right idea! Brrrrr!!

It was freezing cold.  It was snowing.  The wind was blowing like crazy.  And where was I? Outside doing a photoshoot at Tralee where my sister-in-law trains horses.  They actually do a lot of weddings at Tralee because of the … Continue reading

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Making the best of a bad situation

Ok, so yesterday morning really sucked!  It’s one thing to wake up in the morning and find out that Mother Nature wreaked havoc with her freezing rain wand all night long, but it’s another thing to get that 6:45 am … Continue reading

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