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Tired, scared, or just plain shy?

My hubby has recently taken a liking to photography, but he is a snap and go type of guy. He sees a scene before him, grabs a couple of shots, and leaves satisfied.  For me the process is quite different. … Continue reading

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Skimming the waves

Exploring my South Carolina photos once again, I realized something else that makes me feel peaceful and relaxed – birds in flight!  While walking the beach, we were always on the lookout for pelicans because I was determined to record … Continue reading

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Mommy, I’m hungry!!

Since it was so hot this past weekend, my hubby would start off each day by setting up the sprinkler in the backyard to water his vegetable garden and then putter around watering his pumpkin patch and even my flowers … Continue reading

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Duh Cindy!

Ok, I have a funny story to tell you that has absolutely nothing to do with my photo for today LOL.  As you all know, I am really just an amateur when it comes to photography, but I am trying … Continue reading

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Clogged pipes!

My Mom always asks me how I think of what to write in my blog and what photo to use.  The funny thing is, sometimes it just flows out of me like water from a tap, but occasionally the pipes … Continue reading

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Experimenting 101

Yesterday I was really jealous of my hubby because he came home with awesome photos he had taken of a big snapping turtle at the side of the road laying her eggs.  He always manages to see some type of … Continue reading

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I think I’m speechless…….

We now interrupt our regular scheduled programming for a view from Mikey’s camera.  I really am speechless when a newbie photographer like my hubby produces photos like this.  Wow!!!!  Yesterday Mike was helping his sister with some repairs at the … Continue reading


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Posing Pelican

This is a quickie post today because hubby and I are away for the weekend in Windsor, Ontario. Mike works for a company that builds and installs Florida rooms, mostly in trailer parks, and he had to do a couple … Continue reading

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Quack Quack!!

It seems I’m in a wildlife mood this week.  I love to photograph animals, but I never have as many opportunities as I would like.   Even when I do get a glimpse of something in the wild, often if flies … Continue reading

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Fly like a bird…..

Watching seagulls gliding effortlessly along the seashore or Canada geese flying in perfect formation or a hawk diving for its prey always leaves me in awe.  Have you ever watched the flight of a bird and wished you could fly … Continue reading

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