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Breaking the Ice

The weather has been really up and down around here lately.  One day it’s freezing rivers solid and the next it’s so warm that the ice breaks and flows in chunks down the waterways.  We heard that the river running … Continue reading

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The things we do for an awesome photo

After donning a scarf, heavy coat, winter boots, and big thick mitts, I ventured out into the -20° Celsius temperatures this morning, hopped into my car and headed to work.  As I turned onto the highway, I was met with … Continue reading

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again!!

I know I promised you pictures of the tiny jail, but they will have to wait.  Why you ask? Well, as I’ve said before, Mother Nature has once again lost her freakin’ mind!!  Yes, I live in Southern Ontario right … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Summer

Sunshine, no coats, soaring mercury, no boots, flowers in bloom, no hats and gloves, monarch butterflies gathering nectar, no twice daily application of body lotion to stop the dry skin itching.  Yes, it’s the time of year when I whine … Continue reading

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Jack Frost’s Winter Wonderland

We woke up this morning to find that Jack Frost had been very busy overnight.  It was like he had waved his magic wand and covered everything in minute sparkling ice needles. Thank goodness I am busy inside with chores … Continue reading

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A Perfect Weekend

What do you consider a perfect weekend?  I have many versions of the perfect weekend in my mind, but one of the best consists of a little bit of everything – good times with people I love, spending time doing … Continue reading

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A Formal Goodbye

Today’s post will be short and sweet!  I know, hard to believe from diarrhea of the mouth Cindy right? LOL Anyway, before I begin a new series, the theme of which has been specifically requested by my fellow blogger, TBM, and in … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Wrath

After spending the whole day yesterday with the wind howling and battering my house once again, a continued wind and weather theme does seem in order I think.  We spent all day Saturday under wind warnings as well as a … Continue reading

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It’s a Miracle!!!

Ok blogging world, I have to share a very exciting event with you!  My two sons and I are what I commonly refer to as geeks because we love anything electronic.  Our house is full of computers, iPods, iPads, digital … Continue reading

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Frozen fingers, frozen berries

Once my fingers got too cold to take any more pictures of the swan the other day, I headed inside to thaw out.  As I was climbing up the stairs from the dock, I noticed a burst of red in … Continue reading

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