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Atmospheric Phenomenon

I know I have already done a post in the past about sundogs (although at the time I thought it was a rainbow), but I just had to post another photo because this one was taken with my iPhone 5s. … Continue reading

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Winning the Battle

I attended yet another author event last night, which was extremely fun and fascinating, but it meant a really late night for me.  As late nights and I don’t get along very well, my eyes are refusing to stay open … Continue reading

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A Guiding Light

I find I’m a woman of few words tonight (don’t you dare laugh :)), so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Remember me saying that I had a special spot by the water at my cousin’s resort up north where … Continue reading

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Fuzzy grass, fuzzy brain

Does you brain ever feel fuzzy when you have been overly busy for a few days?  Mine certainly does tonight, and being in this semi brain-dead state, my mind wanders from one random subject to another, which tonight included remembering … Continue reading

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Another sigh of happiness

Three days into my four day long weekend, and I am feeling totally relaxed.  There’s nothing better than a long weekend where you get to do multiple things that you enjoy.  On Thursday night Bryan arrived home from college, and … Continue reading

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Hardy Canadians

We Canadians are a hardy bunch, and I got proof of that yesterday!  You see, when you’re Canadian and you’re sick of waiting for Spring to arrive, you just learn to improvise.  So, Mikey got out the lounge chair and … Continue reading

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Shining Through

The Christmas season has begun, and we are off to my hubby’s work Christmas party tonight.  Our oldest son, Bryan, worked at Mike’s place over the summer, so he is home from college for the weekend and coming to the … Continue reading

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