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Small Wonder

This past weekend was a long weekend for us here in Canada, and it was the best three days off I have had in a long time because it was the perfect combination of work and play.  We managed to … Continue reading

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Neverending Fascination

Is there anything that completely fascinates you no matter how many times you see it? I’m sure all of you can think of at least one.  I have many because I am always in awe of the world around me … Continue reading

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Ahhh, weddings!!

Where do I begin?  When TBM found out that I was going to be near the 1000 Islands for my niece’s wedding, she challenged me to take 1000 photos over the weekend.  While I didn’t quite make it to 1000, … Continue reading

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For the first time…

Mike and I always dreamed of being parents, and once our boys came along we devoted our lives to them because that’s what having a family meant to us.  While other parents were out partying on the weekends and dumping … Continue reading

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Family Completeness

Monday was Family Day in Ontario, a day off to spend quality time with our families. Now everyone has a different idea of what family time should consist of.  Many people believe that it should be spent outside doing one … Continue reading

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Part of me really misses posting on my blog every day, but another part of me is realizing that I can accomplish a great deal more in my life by only posting every few days.  Case in point was this … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Hot In Here!!

Stop the presses!! The headline today has to be changed to reflect what an incredibly exciting and important day it is.  It’s my baby’s 16th birthday!!!! Yes, 16 years ago today Daniel came into this world and has kept everyone … Continue reading

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I sit here in front of my laptop trying to figure out what to post on my blog today, and my brain just keeps spinning around in circles.  I look at some photos and get a bit of an idea, … Continue reading

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I knew I should have brought my raincoat!!

It’s been one of those weeks. Drive here, drive there.  Work, dentist, baseball game, work, dentist again, baseball practice, and don’t forget that I live in a rural area so nothing is just around the corner.  And in between those … Continue reading

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Pride Overflowing

When my boys were little, I always told them jokingly that they would have to live with me forever, and of course when they were little, they agreed.  Each of them has gone through many stages as they have grown … Continue reading

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