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Fuzzy grass, fuzzy brain

Does you brain ever feel fuzzy when you have been overly busy for a few days?  Mine certainly does tonight, and being in this semi brain-dead state, my mind wanders from one random subject to another, which tonight included remembering … Continue reading

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Sea oats in the sunrise

When I first started this blog, I managed to publish a post every day for over a year without missing a single day.  How I managed that, I still don’t know.  Lately, I seem to be only posting a couple … Continue reading

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Awe-Inspiring Angel

Today we spent a fabulous day visiting the famous Angel Oak on Johns Island, South Carolina, not far from Charleston.  However, let me start out by saying that you should never believe what you read on the internet.  When we … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Summer

Sunshine, no coats, soaring mercury, no boots, flowers in bloom, no hats and gloves, monarch butterflies gathering nectar, no twice daily application of body lotion to stop the dry skin itching.  Yes, it’s the time of year when I whine … Continue reading

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To centre or not to centre, that is the question

I love finding leading lines in nature and never hesitate to grab my camera when there is a shot to be taken looking down a road or a path lined with trees or a fence.  They give the scene such … Continue reading

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Shining Through

The Christmas season has begun, and we are off to my hubby’s work Christmas party tonight.  Our oldest son, Bryan, worked at Mike’s place over the summer, so he is home from college for the weekend and coming to the … Continue reading

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Jack Frost’s Winter Wonderland

We woke up this morning to find that Jack Frost had been very busy overnight.  It was like he had waved his magic wand and covered everything in minute sparkling ice needles. Thank goodness I am busy inside with chores … Continue reading

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Part of me really misses posting on my blog every day, but another part of me is realizing that I can accomplish a great deal more in my life by only posting every few days.  Case in point was this … Continue reading

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More Stubbornness

It has been a very busy night, but I have been wanting to share some more of my snow photos, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The other day I posted a photo of one of the … Continue reading

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A Perfect Weekend

What do you consider a perfect weekend?  I have many versions of the perfect weekend in my mind, but one of the best consists of a little bit of everything – good times with people I love, spending time doing … Continue reading

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