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Hey, maybe the geese had the right idea! Brrrrr!!

It was freezing cold.  It was snowing.  The wind was blowing like crazy.  And where was I? Outside doing a photoshoot at Tralee where my sister-in-law trains horses.  They actually do a lot of weddings at Tralee because of the … Continue reading

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Back to Nature

It was a truly chaotic day at work yesterday, and then when I got home I had the joy of dealing with multiple incompetencies in the world of customer service.  So, I started thinking that a little peace was in … Continue reading

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Checking out the big city

I seem to have had a bad case of verbal diarrhea this week, so I thought I would give all of you a break today with a short and sweet post.  Yesterday I shared a picture of Union Station in downtown Toronto, … Continue reading

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Here we go again, Alfred!

I love contests, and I have been quite lucky ever since I was a small child at filling out contest entry forms and actually winning.  Unfortunately, I am not at all lucky when it comes to the big lotteries :(. … Continue reading

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Waiting for your return

It’s funny you know.  Some days I know right away which photo I want to post, while other days I really have to think about it.  Today was one of those days where I had to browse through all of … Continue reading

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I did! I did see a puddy tat!

Even though I am just an amateur photographer, I take great pride in my accomplishments.  So, I have always thought it would be nice to display my favourite photos on the walls of my living room for everyone to enjoy. … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock, eat your heart out!!

Last March Break my husband, my kids, and I drove down to visit my parents on Isle of Palms in South Carolina where they had rented a condo for a couple of months.  It was right on the ocean, and … Continue reading

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