People watching in Paris

Even though I have thousands of photos to share with you from our trip to Paris and the UK, my addiction to reading has been easily winning out over blogging for the last little while.  However, a travel show on TV tonight featured some familiar areas of Paris, and I was suddenly reminded of one of my favourite activities from our travels.  I love to people watch!  People watching in my own neck of the woods is interesting, but people watching in a different country is even more fascinating.  I enjoy looking for the differences and similarities in customs, clothing, and past-times.  In Paris, it became obvious that everyone enjoys spending time outside in the fresh air, whether it is to draw, play music, or just simply relax and enjoy.  Here is a selection of my favourite shots.

People of Paris 1

People of Paris 2

People of Paris 3

People of Paris 4

People of Paris 5

People of Paris 6

People of Paris 7

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26 Responses to People watching in Paris

  1. dorannrule says:

    You have the eye of a true artist. These shots are beautiful.

  2. benzeknees says:

    I love the one of the couple sleeping on the bench! All the rest are quite beautiful too – but the couple on the bench is not something you would see here!

    • That’s my favourite too :). It was taken in Luxembourg Gardens which was so gorgeous that I kept having to pick my jaw up off the ground. It was obviously a favourite for the locals – they have chairs and tables everywhere, and we saw many couples having romantic picnics with wine and cheese. I wish we had had more time in Paris. I loved it!!

  3. Jeff Sinon says:

    Great shots Cindy! Some pretty darn good street photography.

    By the way, I’m Seeking the Peak again this year if you just happen to maybe be interested in a chance to add to your collection 😉

    • Thanks so much Jeff :). They were really rushed shots because we were only in Paris for a couple of days, and we were trying to cram in as much as we could, but I was still quite pleased with them. There are endless opportunities for street photography in Paris. Everyone seemed so relaxed, and I couldn’t believe the number of people relaxing on the walls along the Seine River. I would love to go back and wander the streets some more.

      Damn! I kept your email regarding Seek the Peak, but I forgot to go back and make a donation. I will do that today :).

      • Jeff Sinon says:

        I can only imagine what you would have done if you were taking your time!

        Thank you, but no pressure, just wanted to let you know in case you missed my Hiking For A Cause post. Besides, the hike isn’t until July. Plenty of time 😉

      • Aren’t you sweet :). But yes, if I had more time I would have set them up better so that there weren’t cut off bodies in the background LOL!

  4. I like the caricaturist he looks and dresses like me

    • Can you draw like that too?!?!

      • I’m not bad but I’m not quick, was offered a university art scholarship back in the day.

      • Wow, I’m impressed! Why didn’t you take the scholarship?

      • Although my university fees would have been covered my parents couldn’t afford for me to move to South Africa and I’d had enough of formal education by that stage to then consider taking a liberal arts degree with little chance of a job at the end of it.

      • I totally understand. It’s a shame that university educations have to cost so much, especially the living expenses. My oldest is graduating from college in the spring, and I hate it that he will be starting out with so much student debt. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the money to pay for it. As for formal education, you do get to a point where you’ve had enough of it. That’s why it bugs me when I see them giving the kids here homework when they are 4 and 5 years old. I think they’re pushing it too early, and the kids are going to get burned out too soon.

  5. Great shots! There’s an intriguing story in every one of them! Warm wishes for the holiday season to you and yours, and may 2015 bring us even more fabulous photography!

    • Thank you :). There were so many great opportunities for street photography in Paris. I really need to go back because our visit was far too short. Thank you for the holiday wishes, and I send warm holiday wishes right back at you :). May yours be filled with health and happiness.

  6. My boy is 4 and gets homework

  7. Nawww, the one with the couple on the bench is really cute. I love the perspective in the last one though, it really gives great scale!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your travels. 🙂

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