Mystery Photo #157

Our trip to Kitchener last Saturday to see our son, Bryan, and his girlfriend, Cayley, was a huge success.  Not only did Mike help Bryan fix his car, which was our main reason for visiting, but we also got a ton of Christmas shopping done.  The Lindt Chocolate Outlet was just as fabulous as ever, and we left with a huge bag full of chocolates for stocking stuffers (and a few to eat on the way home).  Then we headed to a real city mall, which I don’t get to experience very often because I live in the sticks.

The mall was amazing, not only because I was able to cross quite a few Christmas gifts off my list, but also because this particular mall has an Apple store – the most wonderful store in the world (along with book stores of course).  I had been on a waiting list at our local electronics store for the new iPhone 6 Plus for a month or more and had also inquired at other stores with no luck, but when I walked into the most wonderful store in the world to buy a Christmas present for someone else and happened to mention that I was trying to wait patiently for my new phone, the awesome Apple representative made my day by telling me that they had them in stock.  Within five minutes my new baby was in my hands, and she is a beauty :).  Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas to me!!!  Now I’m in the process of listing my old phone for sale which will hopefully cover a good portion of the money I spent. Who knew how much money people will spend for used phones.  I had no idea.

Of course, where there is good there is often bad unfortunately, and I did spend a couple of days this week fighting a flu bug, but I am feeling better now and ready to enjoy the weekend.  Let’s get it started with some fun.  Who thinks they are smart this week?  Who has what it takes to figure out the mystery photo?  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #157

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28 Responses to Mystery Photo #157

  1. the flu is an evil disease especially if you get the manflu variety as that can be deadly in some cases. This looks like it’s either one of the huskies you need in the frozen wasteland you choose to live or more likely a more practical hand muff. Hope you’re feeling better I’m off to find chocolate now

  2. looks like your chocolate cache got too close to your dog–glad you are feeling better–

  3. TBM says:

    Can’t say the first thing that popped into my head. Not sure I should guess at all 😉

  4. Is it bad that the first thing I think of is a fluffy animals backside? LMAO.

    Hmm, I’m going to go with a section of a fluffy coat showing the button hole thing.

  5. Map of Time says:

    What the heck?! You skinned my pet bunny? Poor little Tennyson. 😥 You bad, bad person, Cindy.

  6. benzeknees says:

    Because the white fur is so uniform around the edges, I’m going to guess this is a fur hat! I have a leather & fur hat from my time living in the bush & if I were to try to take a pic really close up I think this is what it would look like. Glad you’re recovering from the flu – did you get the flu shot? Even though they’re saying this year’s shot may not be an exact match for the flu going around, it would greatly help your symptoms.

    • I had heard that too about the flu shot, which I did get. I think it was more of a gastro thing actually, and it seems to be back a little bit today :(. It must be back because I have no desire to eat chocolate. Isn’t that horrible?!?!

  7. RMW says:

    Whatever it is, some animal is going to be freezing this winter… No, I think it is some kind of mop thing made with artificial fibers of some kind…. how vague is that?

  8. Honestly I’m more excited about the iPhone 6 plus and lost my train of thought on the mystery photo. Ok…I’m going to guess a fur scarf. Now on to the 6+…how do you like it? I’m planning to order my iPhone 6 this week but was thinking of the 6+. Do you find it too big?

    • I love it!!!! The funny thing is I thought these big phones were ridiculous when they first came out, and I told my friend she was crazy for getting a Samsung Note 3, which is about the same size. However, they really started to grow on me, and the 6 plus even has better camera features like an image stabilizer! I always text with two hands so it doesn’t bother me that the screen is so big, and I have fairly big hands, so I don’t have a problem holding it. Everything is big and beautiful, and my old phone looks puny now. Oh, and the battery life is great. I’m really happy with my choice :). I would suggest you go to a store and hold it in your hands to see if it would work for you. By the way, I just sold my old 5s on kijiji for $465, so it’s a win win situation any way I look at it :).

  9. dorannrule says:

    Tis the collar of a fur coat. On the other hand I have a hot water bottle covered with something that looks like that. I am so glad you are recovering from a touch of the flu Cindy. Bah Humbug to being sick during the holiday season. “Hit the chocolate I say,” and never mind offering it as gifts.

  10. Good morning everyone. Good news – I sold my old iPhone last night online for more than I ever thought possible, so I’m in a very good mood this morning. Plus we are going to our first Christmas party tonight, so the festive season has officially begun. As for the mystery photo, it is actually the top (looking down) of my warm and fuzzy winter boots which, unfortunately, I have had to pull out of the closet because we have had some snow. You all know I hate winter, but at least my feet will be warm :).

  11. I liked my answer better–TBM wash your brain out with soap

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