Architectural Delights

Paris is overflowing with famous buildings and structures, everyone knows that.  A visit to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, and the Arc de Triomphe, just to name a few.  However, as Mike and I walked the streets of the Latin Quarter on a warm, sunny August day, we realized that every building we passed was a stunning architectural feat, and we couldn’t get enough of the sights around us.  Take a walk with me now:

Building 1

Building 2

Building 3

Building 4

Building 5

Building 6

Building 7

Building 8

Building 9

Building 10

Building 11

Building 12

Building 13

Building 14

Building 15

Building 16


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12 Responses to Architectural Delights

  1. dorannrule says:

    Phew!!! Did your necks hurt after all that looking up? What gorgeous shots though. I am so impressed. Really.

  2. bulldog says:

    Such magnificent architecture, but in such magnificent condition for old buildings… how do they do it.??
    It is apparent from the photos you share with us, that you did really enjoy this trip overseas… and of course your professionalism in photography makes it so much more enjoyable for us…
    You mentioned that Scotland was on the program for the future… can’t wait for that… did hubby toss the caber..?? Or maybe try on a kilt or two for your pleasure.?? wink wink…

    • I agree – everything was in wonderful condition. I had been worried because I had someone tell me before the trip that Paris was a dirty city, but I couldn’t disagree more. We both thought it was a beautiful and clean city. I’m so glad you are enjoying my photos Bulldog :).

      Now as for Scotland, I have tons of photos to share from there. I absolutely adored Scotland, and I really want to go back again. The Highlands are stunning and wild and incredibly beautiful. As for the kilts, I must say I was disappointed. I thought I would see lots of men wearing kilts, especially since we were there for the Military Tattoo, but alas I saw very few kilt wearing men other than on those men performing at the Tattoo. I was all prepared to trip and fall with my camera so I could use my camera to prove or disprove the “what they wear under their kilts” theories, but I never got a single chance :(.

      Speaking of the caber toss, there is a small town near where we live called Fergus, Ontario, and they have Highland Games every summer which are fabulous. We were there last year as they tried to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for the caber toss. They had to toss over 50 cabers at the same time and have them land properly to break the record. When we were there they were one or two shy of the record, but I am happy to report that this year (while we were in Scotland) they broke the record and are now officially in the Guinness Book of World Records. Pretty cool eh?

  3. this was almost as good as going with you–beautiful shots Cindy

  4. It is incredible isn’t it. It’s hard to know where to look first. Terrific shots Cindy.

  5. Wow, awesomes! I love the detail of their metal railings, it gives an extra look of elegance if I do say so myself. 😛

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