Who needs sleep when you’re in Paris?

Let the trip of a lifetime story begin :).

After flying overnight from Toronto to Paris, we were tired.  Dragging our luggage to the train station, travelling into the city, and then walking from the Saint-Michel Notre Dame RER station to our hotel in the Latin Quarter left us exhausted.  However, when I walked out onto the street from the RER and looked up to see Notre Dame Cathedral right in front of me, it hit me that I was actually in Paris, and intense emotions suddenly welled up inside me as I realized that my dream was actually coming true. At that point, we didn’t care that we hadn’t slept in over 24 hours.  It was time to explore!!

We checked into our hotel, the Villa Pantheon, and were immediately enchanted.  As expected, our room was tiny as they all are in Europe, but the charm, tradition, and atmosphere of this hotel was just what we had hoped for.  Walking into our room, we threw open the large windows and gazed in amazement up and down the rue des Écoles and listened with smiles on our faces to the sounds of Paris.  Here are some photos of our hotel:

Paris 1

Paris 2

Paris 3

Paris 4

Paris 5

Paris 6

Paris 7

As we headed out onto the street to start our Paris adventure, it started to rain (the only rain we got while in Paris I might add), so we made a dinner detour just down the street. Our hotel and the Pizza Roma restaurant had been recommended by my blogging buddy, TBM, and I can’t thank her enough because her recommendations were awesome!  At Pizza Roma we were seated in the window under an awning – not near the window but IN the window – so that we could hear, see, and smell the city around us.  It was so damn romantic, just like you always expect Paris to be.

Paris 8


Paris 9


Stay tuned for scenes from our first stroll around Paris, but until then let me leave you with one of the first photos I took from our hotel room which I fell in love with.  It just has Paris written all over it don’t you think?

Paris 10

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31 Responses to Who needs sleep when you’re in Paris?

  1. dogear6 says:

    I love all the photos, but I agree that the last one says “Paris” pretty loudly.


  2. You brought back such happy memories; I think it’s time for another trip.

  3. Map of Time says:

    But, EVERYONE, get this: she didn’t try any of the dang macarons!

  4. krikitarts says:

    Paris should definitely be experienced at least once, and it’s great fun to see it again, through your eyes. But I enjoyed France much more once I got out of Paris. Maybe another time?

  5. Ohh wow, that hotel looks so cute!!! Often I think small room can be a lot sweeter and quainter than ones that have space. The outside is beautiful, the bedroom looks really pretty and cozy and the outside? What more could you ask for, it sums up Paris perfectly. 😀

    You’re going to give me the travel bug after all this, aren’t you?

  6. dorannrule says:

    You have captured the heart of Paris. Your hotel is beautiful. The feelings you show in pictures and your words are beautiful. I get the feeling you are in love with Paris just as you thought you would be. 🙂

    • You know, I was kind of nervous when we arrived because I had a few people tell me it was really dirty there and you are warned so much about pickpocketing, However, it was a truly beautiful city, and both Mike and I fell in love with it immediately. I would really love to go back one day because there was so much we didn’t have time to see :). Have you ever been there Dor?

      • dorannrule says:

        Yes! I took a group there once and recall the lovely food, the beautiful boulevards, Notre Dame Cathedral (a weird story there), the artists. I was in a semi “tour guide” capacity so was too worried about my group to actually be a tourist. You went the best way my friend and you obviously enjoyed every single minute. 🙂

  7. megtraveling says:

    Great title and I agree – you can catch up on sleep later!

  8. TBM says:

    Ooops I missed this last week. So glad the hotel worked out. And the location is perfect!

  9. looks amazing, only been to Paris once and can’t wait to return.

    • You should definitely make Paris your next trip!!

      • Next trip is home to Zimbabwe for the first time in 5 years for the boys to meet their great grandma 👵, the Monkey met her when he was six months but the Bug never has. It’s costing about the same as our last car and we’re having to fly via Ethiopia but needs must, the old dear will be 95 in January and the chances of her making it much further are sadly slim.

      • That is so wonderful!!! I’ll bet nothing will mean more to her than meeting your Monkey and Bug :). When are you going?

      • Not until the end of March, we’re not sure she’ll really have any idea who they are but we’re taking them none the less. She remembers me but gets me confused with my dad so adding a further generation we think will probably be beyond her now. Sad but a reality of great age and several strokes

      • Well, I just think the whole idea is wonderful to have all the generations together :). Your grandma sure has lived a long life. My grandma lived to be 97 and saw a great deal during her lifetime. I used to love hearing her stories, especially when she would tell me bad things my dad did when he was a kid LOL!!

      • I know I can’t wait to see her again.

  10. benzeknees says:

    I’m sorry I’m so far behind but I didn’t want to rush over your travel blogs just because I was behind. I have them all saved so I can enjoy every single one! I almost feel like I am right there with you, your pics are so great!

    • Thank you so much. It really makes my day to hear that you are enjoying them so much :). Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time fitting all my hobbies into my life, so my posts are not as frequent as I would like them to be. Now that the holidays are over, I’m really hoping to get back to more of a regular schedule.

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