Mystery Photo #150

When they say time flies, they really aren’t kidding.  I received a message last night to say that it was three years ago that I registered with WordPress.  Three years?!?!  On the one hand, it feels like just yesterday that I sat listening to a professional photographer talk about how he posts a photo to his blog every day, and I asked myself why I couldn’t do the same thing.  I didn’t have to be a professional to share my accomplishments.  On the other hand, I feel like my blogging friends are family that I have known forever.

I may not blog regularly all the time, but when I do it’s the best feeling in the world to read all of the wonderful comments I receive.  Those comments (praise and hints) have given me the self-confidence to continue and have helped me to grow as a photographer, teaching me things I would probably never have learned on my own.  Thank you to my WordPress blogging family for making the last three years so amazing!

Now that I’m done with the mushy stuff :), let’s play the mystery photo game.  This is a really bizarre one, so let me give you a bit of a hint.  Don’t try to think of something you’ve seen before.

Mystery Photo #150

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35 Responses to Mystery Photo #150

  1. It’s very pretty rusty metal in a pretty pattern probably part of a sculpture

  2. You know it’s been nearly a year since I last blogged

  3. TBM says:

    Artwork? And don’t ask me to interpret it. I’m hopeless with modern art and all poetry. And three years. Has it been three years? I think we started around the same time but I haven’t received an email from WordPress. I’m jealous.

  4. artwork depicting my chaotic life–this hangs over my bed and has only fallen on my head a few times

  5. bulldog says:

    Square tubing off cuts made into art….
    Now lets get to the important stuff… 3 years, man you are getting old… and in the 3 years how many posts have you published…. ???? Congrats, it seems a long time… I can’t even remember how long I’ve been going… certainly far less than you…

  6. It does go by quickly doesn’t it. congrats on the milestone. OK…now on to the mystery photo. I’d say it’s a sculpture. What can I tell you….that’s all I got 🙂

  7. GrahamInHats says:

    I’ve tried not trying to think of something I’ve seen before. Where did the keyb%^% %& 🙂

  8. benzeknees says:

    This looks like some kind of sculpture made with the cut end of steel girders. I’m probably way off base, but my take on today’s pic.

  9. GrahamInHats says:

    It’s the latest thing in hair removal (you can see one of the strands). It doesn’t work but you never want to bother again. 🙂

  10. Three years, CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY. 🙂 *Sending you a virtual cupcake.* I love reading your blog and taking part in your mystery photos posts, and you’re camera work just gets better and better!

    I’m not totally sure what this one is but I love the shot. For some reason I want to say it’s some kind of fancy bin? Either that or it’s a transformers breakfast crispy crunch cereal. But who knows. 😉

  11. Good morning to all my very smart blogging friends :). The mystery photo is in fact part of a metal sculpture that Mike and I saw on our photo walk last Saturday. I thought it was a pretty cool shot that would be something different to confuse everyone, but there’s no confusing you guys. Good job!!

  12. I love in confusion–I bask in it–I sometimes bathe in it–confusion is my life!

  13. Congratulations on your three years!!!!! 🙂 And what a cool photo!

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