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One of my best blogging friends, T.B. Markinson, is becoming quite the accomplished author.  She is almost ready to publish her third novel, and I have had the privilege of reading and reviewing each of her books.  Right now, her first book, A Woman Lost, is on sale from June 5th to June 11th for $0.99 on and £0.99 on


To help promote this sale, I thought I would share my review of A Woman Lost with you, my followers, so here it is:

Lizzie has it all – a promising career ahead of her in a field she loves, a trust fund to carry her through the rough patches until her career is solidified, and a gorgeous girlfriend who adores her.  She should be happy and ready to take the next step in her relationship, but she’s not.  Coming from a totally dysfunctional family where she has never been accepted or loved, she has developed an acute fear of making any commitments but is unaware of this fear except subconsciously, which has made her become totally self-absorbed as a means of self-protection.  One lie follows another in her day to day life as she tries to cope and figure out what she really wants.

The day she meets her brother’s fiancé, Maddie, becomes the starting point for a journey of self-discovery, a journey that takes her to the brink of losing everything and everyone she loves.  The question is, will she be able to pull herself back from the brink and discover what truly matters to her or will she end up alone with only regrets as company?

T.B. Markinson is a fellow blogger who I consider a very good friend, and when I heard that she was writing her first novel I automatically expressed interest in reading it.  She wasn’t sure if I would change my mind once I discovered the genre, as I am a heterosexual with a husband and children.  However, to me we are all the same inside, and it doesn’t matter what religion we follow, what colour our skin is, or what our sexual orientation is.  We all go through the same experiences in life:  love and loss, hope and fear, success and failure, and most of us experience some periods of pain, loss, and confusion in our lives before we realize what we truly want in life.   So, I assured her that I wanted to read her debut into the literary world, and I can honestly tell you that I could not put this book down.  The writing style was very engaging, the plot was captivating right from the first page, and each and every character was unique and interesting in both negative and positive ways.  I knew I had begun to think of them all as family and care about what happened to Lizzie when I wanted to shove my hand right into the book and slap her for not seeing what was right in front of her – someone who loved her for who she was.  I anxiously turned the pages wanting to see where her journey would lead her, and I must admit that I was surprised a few times along the way.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read an uplifting story that reminds us all of what really matters most in life.

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6 Responses to Check this out!

  1. beckyday6 says:

    I remember reading your review of on Goodreads when you first published it! It sounds like a great read and what a privilege as a friend it is to join along with her publishing journey. 🙂

    Good luck with the new novel T.B. Markinson!

  2. hear hear, it is indeed a great book, I know I finished it at 3am having thought I’d read a few pages at bedtime. Then I was so buzzed I had to email TBM there and then, do yourselves a favour and buy a copy today.

  3. TBM says:

    Thanks! It’s an honor to have you read all of my books. TGIF!

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