Mystery Photo #127

I know, I know, I’m late this morning, but I have an excuse.  I had a late night down in the city last night.  My friend, Marcy, and I had a girl’s night out.  We drove an hour and a half down to the top end of Toronto and enjoyed some retail therapy at Yorkdale Mall.  Then we hopped on the subway and headed downtown to the Toronto Reference Library for the Dark Side Tour, an author event featuring Craig Davidson (aka Nick Cutter), Jennifer Hillier, and Brad Smith (all Canadian authors).  Andrew Pyper was also supposed to be there, but he had to cancel because of a family emergency.  I was pretty bummed out about that because he was one of the authors I wanted to see the most (check out his book The Demonologist – it’s fantastic), but what can you do.  A family emergency comes first obviously.

Anyway, we had a great time!  As I have said before, I find these author events really fascinating, and this was no exception.  The three authors read excerpts from their latest books and then had a discussion about different aspects of the writing process.  It was fascinating hearing the differences and similarities among them.  Afterwards, there was a question and answer session, and I’m glad I’ve gotten over my childhood shyness (well, mostly anyway) because asking a question won me a hoodie with the Dark Side Tour information on the back.  When the questions were done, we were able to meet each of the authors and have our books signed.  I was lucky enough to get one signed by each of the three authors and also had my picture taken with them.  It was great because they were all so friendly and easy to talk to.  I was especially thrilled to meet Craig Davidson, whose newest book The Troop was written under the pen name, Nick Cutter.  It’s a good old fashioned horror like I haven’t read in a long time, and he even got an amazing compliment from Stephen King.  The quote is on the front cover of his book.  This guy has an incredible sense of humour, and he kept us laughing!

So, needless to say, I didn’t get to bed until quite late and had nothing prepared for the mystery photo today.  However, sitting here at my iPad, I found an iPhone photo that I thought might be interesting, cropped it, and voila instant mystery photo.  Let’s see if you can figure this one out.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #127


P.S.  Happy Easter everyone and don’t forget to eat lots of chocolate!!!

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37 Responses to Mystery Photo #127

  1. hot fudge sundae–and if it is not–it should be
    last night sounded fantastic so we will let you off the hook for being late

  2. beckyday6 says:

    Wow, the author event sounds amazing, even though I have never read any of the authors books. I have to say this mystery photo looks incredibly gross, which is odd considering I’m almost certain this is some form of chocolate! Maybe chocolate sauce on ice cream? Who knows? Cindy does but she’s not telling. 😛

    • Hey Becky :). I wish you could have been with us at the author event. We had so much fun! They were all incredibly nice – I sent Brad Smith a message on Facebook this morning, and he has already messaged me back. Pretty cool eh? The nice thing about these events with multiple authors is that you discover authors that you have never heard of before, and sometimes they end up becoming one of your favourite authors :). Would you believe I now have 33 autographed books and have 3 more coming in the mail??

  3. Chicken pieces in BBQ sauce??? The author event sounds great, we have Windsor over here. Its where the Queen has a castle, so it sounds funny to read you talking of a place with the same name!!

  4. I’m beginning to make a habit of being late myself in these parts, my parents went back to Zimbabwe yesterday but with today being a holiday we decided to take the kids to Leeds Castle which is in Kent not Leeds and shamefully just down the road although we’d never been before I’m so glad we made it before the move cross country. So anyway I’m waffling which I guess makes sense as I’m pretty sure the photo is of a waffle with Icecream and chocolate sauce. Happy Easter all.

  5. grahamatlinc says:

    Let me see now. A flowing river of chocolate amongst a scrummyscape.

    Clearly the Martians have extracted one of your dreamglagles whilst you where in the land of snoodly. If only we could turn your dreams into reality. Ther’d be chocolate everywhere. 😀

  6. A little late today…but here’s my guess (and I didn’t peek at any other answers) it’s (melting) vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce. You were at Yorkdale?? My neck of the woods.

  7. I thought all of you chocolate lovers might enjoy this so had to share

  8. I am ready for the answer now (foot tapping, arms folded, but still grinning)

  9. Ok, LouAnn, calm down LOL!! And here’s the big news of the day. I think almost everyone guessed correctly this week. It is a picture of vanilla icecream smothered in chocolate sauce – one of my favourite snacks :). I am so proud of you guys!! Happy Easter!

  10. dorannrule says:

    I was gonna say barbecued chicken! Shows how far off I can be. Love it that you love your author talks. We have the here too.and they are put on by our library. So interesting…..

  11. Vicki says:

    Looks disgustingly fattening, but it had to be something chocolately (is chocolately a word?).

    This is one dessert that I can pass up as I don’t particularly like ice-cream and chocolate, well, not very much, maybe just a little…….

  12. zannyro says:

    I’m sorry but that is just disgusting looking….even if it is yummy……hope you ate lots of chocolate!

  13. That’s a good and revealing phrase: retail therapy.

  14. benzeknees says:

    I’m so late – I got stuck with all the paperwork involved in Disability payments. I can’t see where you revealed the answer here – I thought it was cinnamon buns with icing.

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