Mystery Photo #117

It’s amazing!  It’s Mystery Photo Friday, and I’m not going to talk about the weather. Can you believe it?  Instead, I need you to cross your fingers and your toes.  We have finally decided to start the long overdue job of redoing our bathroom, and today while I am at work (thank goodness) my hubby and his friend are going to rip out our bathtub and tub surround and replace them with new ones.   Because we only have the one bathtub/shower, I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t find any problems behind the tub that will leave me without a shower for more than the one day.  I can’t start my day without my shower!

So, I need you to keep me entertained with your guesses today so that I don’t obsess over possible renovation disaster scenarios all day.  Help me out blogging buddies :).  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #117

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41 Responses to Mystery Photo #117

  1. Hmmmm well it appears to be a bit of decorative ironmongery but it could be on anything from a fire grate to a gate. I do hope that the men in your life don’t prevaticate too long over bathroom repairs.

    Keep well

    • Well, it’s not starting off well. The guy who was supposed to help Mike just cancelled on him, and it’s kind of hard to carry a bathtub by yourself. Grrrr!!!! As for the mystery photo, general categories not allowed. Come on, take a guess – pick one thing :).

  2. TBM says:

    One of those ninja devices, what’s it called, ninja throwing star or something. Is this what happens if Mike screws up? Torture?

  3. Hmmm…it looks like decorative grate for an air vent. Good luck with the renos.

  4. grahamatlinc says:

    This is the result of Exquashiform Foot Syndrome. Some people need a shower every day to keep it at bay. The only therapy is filling ones boots with chocolate mousse, screeching like a banshee and dancing to the tune “I’m singing in the rain” using only one leg. Ah I can see it now. 🙂

  5. I don’t know but I like the design–am feeling kind of wonky this morning–thus no clever guesses–but I will put my thinking cap on if I can find it and be back later–good luck with the bathroom reno

  6. dorannrule says:

    You would fit in nicely here since I refuse to END my day without a shower! Bill too. Now what could your mystery photo be? I think it’s a wrought iron firewood holder even though the wood looks too perfect – like maybe for starter wood. Count me in as one of your brilliant bloggers.

  7. bulldog says:

    That’s the key hole to a prison gate…. who’s in prison??

  8. Glenn says:

    End of a curtain rod

  9. Map of Time says:

    Erm. A trivet? Yeah. I’m not feeling too creative this morning.

  10. benzeknees says:

    This looks live a trivet to me! But then it could also be a very clean BBQ grill because of what looks like gas ducts underneath! Didn’t even ask Kelvin today.

  11. I think all of the above answers are right–Ms Loony we need an easy one next week–you are hurting my brain – don’t worry, I am having a CT scan soon–my youngest son asked me how they were going to do that if I did not have a brain–he is just adorable

  12. Phil Lanoue says:

    Not sure what that is but good luck with the new bathroom.

  13. grahamatlinc says:

    The trivet idea sounds good, but I think it is an electrically heated food warmer. A sort of electro-trivet.

    Good luck with the new bathroom. 🙂

  14. krikitarts says:

    I’m with Edith Levy. It’s a grate covering for a heating/cooling duct. And I’m with you on the morning shower. I mean I agree with you on needing on, not…oh, never mind…

  15. ifleury says:

    Cindy, is that you i just saw running down mainstreet Dundalk in running shoes????

  16. Good morning everyone :). Update on the bathroom reno’s – my hubby is crazy!! Instead of waiting for my son to get home from school, he ripped out the tub surround and the bathtub and carried them outside by himself!! He’s still asleep right now, but I can just imagine how sore his back is going to be today. Men are soooo silly! The good news though is that everything was in good shape under the tup and behind the tub surround – no rot or mold!! So, it should be smooth sailing today. Keep your fingers crossed :).

    As for the mystery photo, we have two winners this week – Edith Levy and Gary (krikitarts). It was a decorative cover over a floor vent. Congrats!!! I have such smart friends :).

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