I had to take my son to the orthodontist tonight and do some errands, so I got home a lot later than usual and wasn’t really planning on blogging.  However, I just couldn’t wait to show you this picture which I think will blow some of your minds.   So, without further ado, here is a photo of me in front of a snowbank created by a plow and/or snow blower in a shopping plaza.  Even having lived in Ontario all of my life, I don’t think I have ever seen a pile of this snow this high!!

By the way, I was finally able to get back to work today after almost a whole week snowed in, and my son went back to school where they wrote their exams exactly a week after they were originally scheduled to.  The highways are now clear, but the banks on the shoulder are still so high in spots that it almost feels like you are driving in a tunnel. There is another big storm heading north today, but fortunately it seems to be tracking more south of us, so we won’t get a huge amount this time.  Thank goodness because we truly have no where left to put any more snow :).

Huge snowbank

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36 Responses to Mountainous!

  1. Cayley says:

    Holy smokes that’s a lot of snow!!! I thought you were in the Rockies for a minute! lol! Did Dan take this pic for you?

  2. ifleury says:

    wow, where was this Cindy? and ya, this storm is more south but unfortunately we have to go to court in Kitchener(Andre) on Wed. hopefully it won’t be too bad, but that is where it is supposed to hit. love the pic.

  3. Cayley says:

    Aww Dan, what a good little photographer 😉 Not as good as you, obviously! lol

  4. Andy says:

    You look like you could be in Newfie. This winter as been a real adventure.

  5. TBM says:

    Did you climb to the top?

  6. Vicki says:

    That sure is one high drift of snow. I don’t know how some of you have survived this winter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such magnificent images which all the blogs I follow have shown. I hope there are no homeless around your ‘neck of the woods’.

  7. wow – we are the ones south of you getting the storm–but we just have little hills compared to your mountains

  8. dorannrule says:

    Now that snow bank is definitely impressive! Great shot and it gives me an idea of what winter is really all about. Glad you are plowed out though and able to join civilization. 🙂

  9. benzeknees says:

    Wow, this looks like a mountain peak in Colorado or somewhere. I remember these days well! We have had a milder winter here so far in Alberta. SO FAR (I repeat). Not too cold most days & not too much snow. Having said that, we’ll probably get a big dump of snow & freezing temps tonight! 😉

  10. That’s a lot of snow.

  11. krikitarts says:

    Awww, that’s nothing. We’re supposed to get between 6 and eight inches here tonight. What a wuss!

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