Mystery Photo #116

Usually I work 5 days a week, but it’s a little bit difficult to keep up that schedule when all roads that I could take to work are barricaded because of bad weather.  If you drive on those closed roads you have no insurance coverage and if caught will receive a $110 fine and three demerit points on your driving record.  So, if you get in an accident you’re paying for car repairs out of your own pocket.  We were snowed in all last weekend and on Monday.  I got a full day of work in on Tuesday, and then I have been home again ever since.  It hasn’t really been snowing much this week, but the winds have been so bad and the snowbanks so high that snow is constantly blowing across the highway, creating pretty much permanent whiteout conditions.  It was so bad the day before yesterday that Dufferin County, just south of where we live, declared a state of emergency!!  I’ve never seen that happen before.

My son was supposed to take the last of his semester one exams on Monday, but the school buses have been cancelled every day this week, so now exams are scheduled for this coming Monday.  However, they are calling for another snowstorm this weekend as well as one on Tuesday or Wednesday, so who knows.  I sure hope they don’t get cancelled again because all of the kids are getting really frustrated.

Anyway, it’s just after 7am here, and the roads are still closed this morning.  However, the winds have died down, so now I am sitting here waiting and checking the internet over and over to see if anything opens up.  If you don’t see many comments from me today, it will mean that I ended up having to go to work to deal with the mountain of paperwork that I’m sure is building up on my desk there.

On to the mystery photo!  I think I have a really good one for you this week, but you guys are getting so smart that it may not be as hard as I think.  Let’s see what you’ve got.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #116

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46 Responses to Mystery Photo #116

  1. I’ve no idea, it looks really gross, I’m guessing because of the really shallow depth of field that it’s something really small shot close up but then the blue on orange stripy thing in the top left is throwing me because that looks inorganic. I don’t know a really filthy loofah covered in alien slime and chocolate.

    Have a fantabulous weekend

  2. Now that’s an interesting guess LOL!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend too Bunny. It might be a stay at home weekend for me again, but I’m ok with that :).

  3. TBM says:

    Stay safe. doesn’t sound like pleasant driving conditions and then the fine and insurance–I wouldn’t risk it.

    The photo–I hope that isn’t my dinner. may need a lot of beers to choke that down.

    • Don’t worry! Mikey is a really great cook. His meals never look like that, but you can still choke down a bunch of beers if you want LOL!! Looks like I’m not going to work, but I have to keep monitoring the highways because if they open it in the next hour or two I will have to go :(.

  4. bulldog says:

    Whatever it is, the rust seems to have had a good go at it… but it looks familiar…

  5. How about a closeup of a sponge made out of iron? (Ouch if you drop it on your foot.)

    I like the auto insurance limits you mentioned. I’ve often thought that in the case of people who cause accidents while texting, their insurance coverage should be restricted to liability (we have to still cover the other driver, who wasn’t at fault); however, any collision insurance that the texting driver had wouldn’t apply.

    • You’d be amazed though how many people ignore these barricades. It blows my mind how stupid they are, and the police have been getting really pissed off! Apparently they just opened the highway, but it’s a little late for me to go to work now :).

  6. something found in the back of my fridge that I will be serving for supper tonight

  7. Wow you really stumped me. I first glance I thought it looked like mud with a horse hoof print in it. Hmmm…I don’t know. On another note at least it’s warmed up a bit. Stay safe.

  8. grahamatlinc says:

    Definitely better safe than sorry. Take care. :-). If anything happened to you I would not have cause every Friday to bang my head against the wall, the horns would grow back and hence the megalomania. I’m sure many of your patrons would suffer likewise. So you see what a difference it would make to the world.

    As for that thing. That’s a terrible thing to do to a waffle. Otherwise, It it moves, shoot it. 🙂

  9. Map of Time says:

    I see you finally found that year old meat loaf!

  10. krikitarts says:

    It’s the cap from that antique salt shaker that fell out of the window 5 years ago and got buried in the mud after a rainstorm and was finally unearthed recently while Mikey was out shoveling snow.

  11. grahamatlinc says:

    A new beakfast cereal, Rust Crispies.

  12. grahamatlinc says:

    Fossilised chocolate.

  13. benzeknees says:

    You have me stumped completely! Is it one of those things you put in a large planter to propagate seedlings?

  14. A state of emergency in Dufferin County? Wow! I know it’s been a hard winter but that’s extreme! there must be some awesome skiing this winter … if one can get to it!

    Is that a tired old brick?

  15. Jeff Sinon says:

    It’s a thing-a-mu-whats-it. You know it goes with the deelywhacker on the shelf in the kitchen. Everybody has one. Or they should. 😛

  16. grahamatlinc says:

    It’s an diesel exhaust grating or a hair net last worn by Queen Eliquoashthenettle of the fish people. 🙂 or somebody needs a new string vest or …..

  17. irene says:

    o.k. let’s get serious here people. we cannot let Cindy stump all of us can we? it would make her just too happy and she’s already had a whole week of happy. could it possibly be a ptrified piece of wood from that thing in Daniel’s room? you know, the one that sheds.

  18. grahamatlinc says:

    Ceramic gas burner. aaaargh 🙂 My brain hurts.

  19. okay we are ready for the answer now–come on it is almost 8:30!–I have things to do–people to see….

  20. Good morning everyone :). It’s snowing AGAIN here in Southern Ontario. They finally opened our highway mid-afternoon yesterday, so we quickly went out to do our grocery shopping as we knew they were calling for another 15cm of the white crap today. So, it looks like another day at home and time to think about summer and start planning our trip to London, Paris, and Scotland in August. Wahooo!!!

    As for the mystery photo, everyone seemed to think it was either rusty metal or old food, but although your answers were interesting and brought a smile to my face as usual, I’m sorry to say I really got you this week :). It was actually a closeup of a dried lotus pod in a potted plant arrangement at work. That was a good one eh? LOL

  21. sure, that is what you say…………

  22. dorannrule says:

    Hope you are staying “up” and your usual cheerful self in all that snow and being so homebound. As always I am stumped about your mystery photo. Could be an old bees’ nest maybe.

  23. TBM says:

    Nope. I still think it’s an old meatloaf.

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