Mystery Photo #114

Yayyyy, I remembered the mystery photo all by myself this week :).  I guess things are finally back to normal after Christmas, but I must tell you I’m really having to dig deep to think up new mystery photo ideas.  Plus when I think of an idea, I don’t necessarily have the time to experiment and make sure I get a crisp shot.  Sometimes I’m just so excited to find something that I think will stump all of you, that I don’t even care if it’s a great shot LOL!

I showed this shot to a few people today who thought it was pretty easy, but it all depends on whether you use one of these on a regular basis or not doesn’t it?  Ok, let’s see what you’ve got this week my blogging buddies.  I need you to make me laugh because I’m finishing my first week of my after Christmas diet, and I haven’t had any chocolate in days.  Chocolate withdrawal is really hard you know, but I am losing weight so it’s worth it right?  Is anyone else making any healthy changes for 2014?

Put on your thinking caps.  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #114

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35 Responses to Mystery Photo #114

  1. bulldog says:

    Well it ain’t flippin chocolate… that I can tell you…

  2. bulldog says:

    Its part of the decorative plaque of a coal stove…

  3. looks familiar but cannot place it–but I tend not to remember my voyages on space ships when I have been kidnapped–but I have been assured that they did not use probes–is this something from the mother ship

    • Maybe they lied to you and it really is a probe. Mwah ha ha!!! Or maybe it is a spoon-like device to stir the chocolate in the big chocolate vats. Oooh I would like to swim in one right now. Can you tell I’m missing chocolate?? LOL

      • I am on the same page as you–trying to give up some of my favourite thing for awhile too–good luck to both of us–ask your alien friends if they have any hints to make it easier on us

      • I know what I’ll do!! I will ask my alien friends to develop a calorie free chocolate for us :). They are very advanced compared to us, so I’m sure they can do it AND make it taste exactly the same.

  4. good deal–ask them if I can phone and find out what the heck the thing in the picture is

  5. Hmmm…is it part of an old clip board?

  6. ifleury says:

    a very old nail clipper..

  7. ifleury says:

    actually it does look a lot like my sister’s OLD stash of chocolate under her mattress. she used to hide it from her son..he is now 34 yrs. and i just found it last

  8. grahamatlinc says:

    It is a one eyed dipplethonger. Very rare and with a dangerous ability to hypnotise. So, if you find yourself leaving silly comments then you’ve been … oh!


  9. benzeknees says:

    This looks like a large clip for holding papers together, like a binder clip! But it would be an old fashioned one, not the new ones they have now!

  10. Phil Lanoue says:

    Pretty sure it’s a metal thingy… 🙂

  11. grahamatlinc says:

    I think it’s old old fashioned ash tray, but that does seem a bit far fetched. The grooves are more likely to be a landing ground for mini microlight flying druids. 🙂

  12. grahamatlinc says:

    It’s an old fashioned hair gripping thingy or comb and if that’s not right then I’m a druid. 🙂

  13. Good morning everyone. It’s time for the big reveal. A couple of you were close with guesses of binder clip or part of a clipboard, and many of you had hilarious guesses like usual, but it is actually the metal piece that you find on each end of a binder that you press on to open the rings to insert paper. I’m not sure if they actually have a name or not. That was a tricky one eh? One of my friends on Facebook guessed it exactly, and I couldn’t believe it! I know if I was on the other side of this game I wouldn’t have had a clue, so I was very impressed. Have a great weekend everyone. I know I am having a much needed relaxation weekend with tons of reading on the couch curled up under a fuzzy blanket :).

  14. TBM says:

    Sorry I missed the fun, but I was out having fun with some friends who are visiting. I’m with bulldog–it ain’t chocolate. I need some chocolate today and I think I may be out. Horror!

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