Mystery Photo #112

What do I have to say today?  Thank goodness for great blogging friends.  I was in the basement all morning putting away Christmas decorations and taking down the tree when I got a message from my wonderful friend, Mr. Bunny Chow, reminding me that it was Friday and time for the mystery photo.  Being on holidays still, I had totally forgotten what day it was, but good old Bunny saved the day by offering a very tricky photo to use.  So, without further ado, I welcome Mr. Bunny Chow (Rob):

Hi all, Cindy has dropped the ball again so as I’m sweet I’ve snapped a shot of the closest thing too me and am making her guess too.

I hope that you have all had a fantastic holiday season and as as per Cindy’s usual rules I’ll reveal the answer to you and her tomorrow.

Keep swanky


Mr Bunny Chow

Bunny's Mystery Photo

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17 Responses to Mystery Photo #112

  1. Ms Looney–you get all discombobulated when you vacation–thank goodness for Mr Bunny–although again I do not know what it is–but I will venture a guess–either a table or the —————-over the top of a doorway or window

  2. Wow, it’s really hard being on the other side of this game :). Ok, I definitely think it is something made out of elaborately carved wood. I’m pretty sure it’s a piece of furniture, but I’m not quite sure what yet. Hmmmmm….. Maybe part of a fancy table top, or the frame around a mirror, or the back of a chair. This is harder than it looks – I have new found respect for all of you!! Wait! Maybe it’s a fancy wooden chest where Bunny stores his stash of chocolate to hide it from his kids :).

  3. benzeknees says:

    This is really tough Mr. Bunny Chow! I think it might be a picture frame or the edge of a screen. It’s very elaborate whatever it is.

  4. bulldog says:

    Part of a grand father clock…

  5. Good day all, so glad that we got to turn the tables on the Loony one, we’ll I can now reveal to you that the photo is of the marketry detail on an occasional table purchased by Mrs BC’s parents in Durban South Africa, we think it’s of Indian manufacture although we’re not certain as we found an identical set of them at a car boot sale here in the UK last year.

  6. TBM says:

    Dang I missed this one! Double dang.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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