Tenacious Defined

My little old house on the highway is still holding on believe it or not, but during one of our first winter storms this year it took quite a beating in the wind, and everyone who drives by it on a regular basis has been holding their breath ever since.  As many of you know, I have been following its progress on my blog, or rather its demise, and you can read my last post and get links to my earlier posts about the little old house here.

On Christmas Eve morning, I headed down the highway towards work enjoying the pink hue of the sky as the sun rose over the horizon.  This was only a couple of days after a wicked ice storm had hit southern Ontario, so everything was also covered in a layer of ice and snow and twinkled in the sunlight.  As I approached the little old house on the highway, I realized that I hadn’t captured its latest stage, so I pulled over and got to work.  It was far too cold to get out my tripod and I was pushing my luck time wise, so I just grabbed a few shots and continued on my way.  My heart broke because the poor little house just looked so sad and forlorn, but you have to admit it sure is tenacious!!

Old House 1

Old House 2

Old House 3

Old House 4

Old House 5

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31 Responses to Tenacious Defined

  1. Heather Greensides says:

    Really great pictures my friend! I have been following this wee house for the last few years as well! It now reminds me of the house on Monster House! Keep taking beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks BFF!! It seems everyone around here kind of looks at it as “their house”. We’ve all become very possessive of it haven’t we? I don’t know what we will all do when it is gone :(. Now I just need to get the nerve up to walk up the driveway and take pictures in the windows.

  2. Something to add to this post that some of you might find interesting. I was just talking to a neighbour who knew the owner of this house. She said that the reason he never had this house torn down was because there were rare eagles nesting in the chimneys. What a nice guy :).

  3. lovely even in its decay–something people are starting to say about me!

  4. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Great shots, Cindy.
    I really can’t believe the house is still standing. It looks ready to cave in and collapse from the weight of snow any day now.

  5. Cathy says:

    I live across the road from this house and have witnessed it’s demise over the last 40 years!! I have many pics of the different stages of its collapse over the years. I think the end is near for it!!

    • I think so too, although I have said that many times before :). Your pictures must be very fascinating to flip through. Although I have lived in Dundalk for 22 years and have always loved the little old house, I only started photographing it a few years ago.

  6. bulldog says:

    Brilliant photos Cindy.. the little house sure is putting up a good fight…

  7. grahamatlinc says:

    From a home to work of art. It’s a better transition than most get and you got some great photo’s from it. I expect the builder would be proud. 🙂

  8. beckyday6 says:

    Awh no, poor house! It was doing so well too. I think it’s still standing through sheer will power. 🙂

  9. dorannrule says:

    This has been such a wonderful “series” Cindy. I remember your previous photos of the little house. So sad to see the steady decline.

  10. krikitarts says:

    Your old relic still has lots of character–I’d say even more now. Love your exposures with the deep blue tinge to the snow. Your composition in the middle one is my favorite.

  11. Kelly says:

    I moved there 7 years ago, and it was still a full standing structure then… Wish I had taken photos when we moved here! A friend of mine told me his grandmother was born in that house and she often says “it’s a stand off to which will fall first, me or the house! I don’t plan on going anytime soon!”

  12. Jeanette says:

    Here is a story to tell about the house. I live not to far from that house and my parents live in Dundalk so when my kids were little and misbehaving in the car I would tell them that the gooney goo goos lived there and if they didn’t behave I would take them there to live.I always told them that the people that lived there were very nice people but they ate weird food like worm pies ect…It always made them behave till we reached were ever we were going .I don’t think my kids will ever forget that little old house (LOL).

  13. Beth Creighton says:

    I love that picture. Winter scenes I love. Way to go Cindy.

  14. Krauth says:

    First of all, your photos are gorgeous. I find it fascinating that so many people have been watching the demise of this house. My grandmother was born in this house in 1913, as she aged, we wondered who would stand the longest and for a while it seemed that it could have gone either way. My grandmother was a strong willed woman and almost as resilient as this house. She passed away four years ago.

    • Thank you very much – I’m so glad you enjoyed my photos. I have always looked at that house and thought that if it could talk it would probably have many wonderful memories to share, and I guess you heard a lot of them from your grandmother. She must have been an amazing and strong woman to have lived to such a great age!!

  15. Ashleigh says:

    We had our engagement pictures taken at this house!

  16. Jenn says:

    I would love to see a time lapse of this house over the years!!

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