Feelings of Awe and Wonder

The tour guide led the way through the doorway, I looked up from adjusting the settings on my camera, stopped in my tracks, and had to catch my jaw before it hit the floor.  This was my reaction to the Library of Parliament at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

I think by now you all know of my incredible love for books and how I snatch up every opportunity to read that I possibly can in a day.  I even daydream about winning the lottery and building a house which would have a grand library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a ladder on wheels to access the thousands of beautiful books.  Well, over this past weekend I actually saw the library of my dreams, and I was overcome with feelings of awe and wonder.  While visiting my parents for my dad’s 80th birthday, we took an overnight trip to Ottawa and enjoyed a full tour of the Parliament Buildings, which included the Library of Parliament.  Here is a short description from the internet:

“We’re all familiar with the neo-Gothic Centre Block and iconic Peace Tower [of the Parliament Buildings], but you might be surprised how many times you’ve seen Parliament Hill’s library. After all, it’s depicted next to Sir John A. MacDonald on the $10 bill, but the drawing doesn’t nearly do it justice. The circular structure is in fact the only part of the original Parliament buildings that wasn’t razed by a fire in 1916. The place positively reeks of history, its vaulted ceiling and ornately carved pine walls having changed little in 135 years. At its centre is a white marble statue of Queen Victoria that presides over politicians and tour groups alike.”

I was absolutely blown away by the stunning beauty of this library, so much so that I couldn’t stop talking about it all day and actually purchased a book about it in the gift shop. Am I exaggerating?  Check out these photos and decide for yourself.  Is this not the most incredible library you have ever seen?

Library of Parliament 1

Library of Parliament 2

Library of Parliament 3

Library of Parliament 4

Library of Parliament 5

Library of Parliament 6

Library of Parliament 7

Library of Parliament 8

Library of Parliament 9

Library of Parliament 10

Library of Parliament 11

Library of Parliament 12

Library of Parliament 13

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41 Responses to Feelings of Awe and Wonder

  1. Terrific shots Cindy. Shame on me…I’ve never been.

    • Thanks Edith :). This was my first trip to Ottawa, and I definitely want to go back and explore some more. What amazed me the most is that there were no photo restrictions inside the Parliament Buildings, so as you can imagine I took hundreds of pictures. The architecture is incredible!!

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    Great photos Cindy. Looks like an awe inspiring place for a book lover like you.

    • It definitely was Jeff! I could have stayed in there for hours taking pictures. I’m amazed my photos turned out any good at all because I’m sure I was shaking from excitement, and there were a lot of people on the tour, so I had to push my way up to the front to snap a few shots without people’s heads in the way LOL! Thank goodness we visited on a weekend because if it had been a weekday there would have been people working in the library, and we wouldn’t have been allowed in.

  3. zannyro says:

    Beautiful images and such an incredible place!!!!

  4. TBM says:

    When can I move in? I wouldn’t mind sleeping under one of the tables and I promise to keep my “room” clean!

  5. grahamatlinc says:

    It is always a wonder to be reminded of the art, skill and sheer conscientious effort by those who went before, It is also a great thing to publsh it. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Victoria says:

    Stunning images & architecture. Those bookshelves would leave me with my jaw on the ground too. Surprisingly ornate for a library.

  7. beckyday6 says:

    It won’t let me like it ten times. Cindy! Why won’t it let me like it ten times?!?!!

    I. Can’t. Breathe. Ohh. My.

    Nope, gotta look at the pictures again…

    *ten minutes pass*


    It’s so intricate and beautiful, I can’t believe it. 😀 It must have taken forever to build with all that considered detail. I love how it’s circular following the shape of the room! And ohh! *Sigh*. When’s the next plane? I’ll be on it. 😛

    • LOL!! I just knew this would be your reaction because when it comes to books, you think just like me :). Come on over and I’ll take you for a visit. I wasn’t exaggerating was I? There’s something about the detail of this old architecture that is so incredibly beautiful, and you just don’t see it at all in modern buildings. So, do you want to join TBM and I (see comment above)? We are going to move in there and have a big slumber party/all night read-a-thon :).

    • beckyday6 says:

      Hahaaa yepp, we are both pretty predictible in that way!

      I’m not a fan of modern architecture at all, the old stuff is the best, so grand and detailed and cozy. 😀 Modern architecture seems a bit clinical to me, not that I have anything against those that like it either. It’s just not for me.

      I TOTALLY want to join you and TBM, sounds like a riot! I couldn’t think of anything better. I’ll check my calendar. 😉

  8. Totally amazing–I was awed when I saw it too

  9. dorannrule says:

    I’m so glad you found the library of your dreams! And it is just that – a dreamlike place with infinite treasures. And your reactions are so awesome I’m afraid that I’m catching the fever.

  10. benzeknees says:

    I am so jealous you got to spend time in such a wonderful library!

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