That’s it Mother Nature, you’re grounded!!

It’s not very often that I post in the morning because I am usually in too much of a hurry getting ready for work to turn on my computer and edit photos.  However, this morning I am in quite a state, and I really need to vent!  It’s October 24th and still considered Fall right?  In fact, last Saturday I had some shopping to do in Barrie, Ontario, and I captured these lovely Fall colours on my drive.  Although it was an overcast day, I was still dressed in only a t-shirt and a hoody.

Fall colours

Imagine my dismay when I woke up this morning to this:

Snowy morning 1

Snowy morning 2

Snowy morning 3

What the heck Mother Nature?  Have I done something to piss you off?  If I was your mother, you would be totally grounded!!!

I have a patio door in my bedroom, and early this morning I rolled over and looked out to see my colourful world turned completely white.  I decided then that I would become a groundhog and enter hibernation mode.  See you in the Spring :).

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62 Responses to That’s it Mother Nature, you’re grounded!!

  1. TBM says:

    It’s so pretty. I love it. Can I come over? We’ll make hot chocolate, snow angels, and have a snowball fight. Please!!!! Mike’s on my team!

  2. PigLove says:

    Oh my! What a mother nature 380 degree turn-around. Send her to her room for this one. XOXO – Bacon

  3. grahamatlinc says:

    It’s been:
    s * @ # s * @ #
    s * @ # s * @ #
    s * @ # s * @ #
    s * @ # s * @ #

    Recommend hot chocolate and savour the luxury of being indoors. 🙂

  4. will some chocolate convince you to peek out – we need our Friday mystery photo!

  5. you gotta admit it is pretty–for me anyway–though I had frost on my car windows this morning

  6. bulldog says:

    Oh dear what can the matter be…
    Cindy’s had a bit of a calamity..
    Woke this morn to see her green ..
    Become nothing less than a white sheen…

    Oh jippyity jip the snow has fallen
    Cindy certainly is full of mourning
    Her bright days of sleeveless shirts
    Has just taken a turn for the worst.

    Now at last our winter has passed
    As us down south look to the sun at last
    To warm the day and put a smile on my face
    So that Cindy can stay all white at her place….

    Now Cindy has pissed off the Autumn season
    And this of course with no grounded reason.
    The curse to shiver has now been delivered
    And is gonna stay till April has withered.

    Sorry Cindy but the time has come
    For making the Bulldog full of fun
    to alight in the morn, with the dawn
    And stand in the sun, smoke and yawn.


    • Oh Bulldog, that is hilarious!! I love it :), and you just had me laughing out loud at work. Everyone is looking at me. Thank you for putting a smile on my face! I think I might come and live with you for the winter, though. Is that ok? The hotter, the better!! You are an awesome poet by the way :).

      • bulldog says:

        I wish I could write poetry it is something I always wanted to do.. but somehow between the tears of laughter at your post this just wrote itself… yes you are more than welcome to join us for Summer.. I’m going to the Kalahari in December, one of the hottest places in the country..(There is even a town called “Hotazhel”) so you should enjoy it here… bring your bikini as we swim a lot in what water we can find.. skinny dipping is also allowed… although we are not allow to talk about what comes up… but come, bring the family and of course don’t forget the camera (although no cameras allowed when skinny dipping)

      • That sounds heavenly, but maybe only skinny dipping at night as I would probably scare everyone LOL!! Glad I was able to cause tears of laughter for you today :), and I really do love your poem.

  7. Aussa Lorens says:

    Oh, it’s so pretty! At least you get snow for the winter… Nothing is worse than cold without the justification of snow.

  8. bulldog says:

    I do love the photos by the way… with scenes like this you will be able to enter all the Black and White challenges… ha ha…. God I’m loving this and LMAO…

  9. Oh wow!!! Dreading our first snowfall…. expecting it would look something like this!!! Oh well, has to happen sooner or later!!!! I agree though… enter hibernation mode!!!!! Thinking of you!!! 🙂 **

  10. Can’t believe you have snow already, its so early. Over here we have rain and lots of it and we are preparing for a really bad storm over the weekend. At least your photos are very pretty and its a good excuse to snuggle down with a good book!!

  11. OMG I can’t believe it. We got nothing in Toronto except a little sprinkling of rain. On the plus side…excellent photos 🙂

    • Thanks Edith :). The funniest thing was how there was like a line where the snow stopped as you headed south. Orangeville is only 40 minutes south of us, and they didn’t get anything either. Mike left here this morning in the middle of the snowstorm and by the time he got down near London he was stopping to take pictures of the beautiful fall colours and the trees still covered in leaves. Up here, the trees are pretty much bare now.

  12. Phil Lanoue says:

    Wow! Looks like you got hammered! We are complaining bitterly here because we got some overnight temps in the mid 40s F, but snow?!? Yikes!

  13. linda says:

    WOW!! What a contrast…..autumn yesterday and snow today …….brrrrrrrrrrrr …..I feel the cold.

  14. benzeknees says:

    Oh no! Way too soon! Although when I was going through my posts yesterday categorizing everything I noticed we got our first snow last year on about Oct. 26! Maybe it will all melt away today & just made everything green again?

    • I know, I should be used to it after so many years living in the snowbelt. Most years my kids had to wear winter coats and boots for Halloween, which always meant finding a big costume that would go over winter wear :). Oh well, I’ll just stay inside and read all winter!

  15. RMW says:

    I love to see snow…. from a distance and not actually be in it!! So thanks for posting so I can get my vicarious fill of the white stuff…

  16. beckyday6 says:

    Snow in October?!?! Whaaaaa! As you said mother nature needs some serious talking to. Guess the season of book reading outside is over… :/

  17. dorannrule says:

    “What the heck Mother Nature? Have I done something to piss you off? If I was your mother, you would be totally grounded!!!” I love it! Think positively and stock up on hot chocolate my friend and plan a visit here in the spring. 🙂

    • LOL!! Glad you liked it :). Thankfully, the sun came out and melted all of the snow in the town where I work by the time I went home. We still had snow at home but much less than this morning. I’d better get used to it though I guess because there is a long winter ahead :(. The blue ridge mountains in the spring sounds wonderful!!

  18. Victoria says:

    Those snow photos are just gorgeous.

    And yes, Mother Nature is in a tizzy. Yesterday, I went down to the beach and was nearly blown away by the gale force winds. It’s halfway through Spring here and it was 16C (about 60F), 12.4C (about 54F) when I got home, but I think the wind chill factor was about 6C (45F) and while we freeze in Melbourne, Australia, the bush fires and high temperatures in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney are catastrophic & hundreds of homes have been burned to the ground.

    • Thanks :). We have been watching the news reports about the bush fires in Australia every day. It’s so tragic! It seems like the weather everywhere is becoming more and more extreme. Frankly, I think Mother Nature needs to take some valium.

  19. Oh my gracious! I love fall and always dread any snow that might fall. 😦 I’d just roll over, I think, too! Bulldog….so clever and funny! lol! paula

  20. Snow….well maybe your just giving autumn a miss this year. We haven’t had a frost yet but the trees are not doing what they should and are loosing there leaves before the change of colour. It is also very mild which is just a touch frightening as nature does seem to have a way of biting back.

    • That’s exactly what happened here this year, and it was a little disappointing. I did love the mild fall we had up until now, but they say that means we’re going to have a nasty winter. Oh well, hopefully that means lots of days off work if we get snowed in all the time :).

  21. zannyro says:


  22. Jeff Sinon says:

    Mother Nature, I LOVE YOU!! Now bring some of that beautiful white snow the the mountains of New Hampshire please!

  23. krikitarts says:

    Are you still answering comments so long after your post? I’m way behind again, as you well know, but I think the fresh snow is just beautiful and I wanted to tell you so. I’m eager for it to appear down here, but I think it will be a while yet. What a good incentive to stay in and catch up on self-inflicted photo tasks, and maybe compose some new music into the bargain!

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