Mystery Photo #100

Wahooooo!!!!  Can you believe it?  This is the 100th week of playing the mystery photo game, a feature on my blog which I really didn’t expect to last.  However, it has become one of the highlights of my week, and that is all because of my wonderfully fun and crazy blogging family :).  Thank you to all of you for giving me many Friday giggles and smiles.

So, what will get me laughing this week?  Will it be an intergalactic transport vessel for chocolate, dragon dribble, somebody’s unshaved legs, wildebeests crossing the plains, the head on a mug of root beer, pee amid the rocks, a prehistoric lizard’s head, bird poop, dragon armor, or a beer planet.  Those are only a small sampling of the unique and hilarious answers I have received in the past.  It’s wonderful to see a bunch of adults with such healthy and active imaginations.

Ok, it’s time to  pull out your inner child’s imagination and guess the mystery photo. Ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #100

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48 Responses to Mystery Photo #100

  1. I couldn’t stay away, so here live from Alcudia , Majorca in Spains Balearic Islands I guess that this is a picture of an LP, or 33rpm long playing record. Hope all is well. Ttfn

  2. What a little hair color can do for one’s appearance!

  3. Egglegs says:

    I know, I know! Well I did know until I forgot. So when I remember what I forgot I will get back to you. Just in case I forget to come back to your blog, I’m going to go with Mr. Bunny Chow’s answer.

  4. my favourite form of music — it has a depth to it that CDs do not–it is our old vinyl standbys–a record–

  5. congrats on photo 100 – is it the music of the “one eyed, one horned, giant purple people eater”?

  6. Ahhh…an old record album. I still have all of mine. Just don’t have the heart to give them up. Have a great weekend Cindy.

  7. TBM says:

    You ran over something over. Has anyone seen Mike lately?

  8. Map of Time says:

    Looks like a record!

  9. dorannrule says:

    Looks like an aerial view of a roller derby rink. 🙂

  10. David Hall says:

    A macro view of a licorice Catherine Wheel 🙂

  11. RMW says:

    Of course the obvious answer is an LP… but I think you tricked us… if you look closely there is a little white dot just to the left of center… so now I think this is the rings around a planet and that white dot is its moon!!!

  12. bulldog says:

    It has to be a LP but just because I know you can be conniving… I’m going to say an aircraft wheel…although what you’re doing so dam close to one of those I don’t know.. unless you’re hiding in the wheel chamber of an aircraft… please tell me you’re not a stowaway…

  13. benzeknees says:

    It’s an LP (long playing record) because of the grooves between songs. Do you have younger followers? Do they even know what a record is anymore?

  14. grahamatlinc says:

    Scientists are amazed to discover that the rings of Saturn have been re-released in vinyl. NASA are putting together plans to use the space needle to play it as soon as they can find a big enough grandmaphone..

    Steven Hawkins is so appalled that he has finally proved the existence of a parallel universe. To be more accurate, he’s beside himself.

  15. hey, where are you – it is no fun making comments if you are not responding–one would think you were at work or something

  16. My apologies to everyone. I hope you are having fun without me today, but we are packing up and moving our office, and it is a complete nightmare!! I’ll be on tonight to see what i have missed :).

  17. grahamatlinc says:

    A roll of tape. A buttered roll of tape. Help 🙂

  18. beckyday6 says:

    100th Mystery Photo, WOW! What an amazing achievement. I love playing along with your game. Such a good idea from you Cindy and l look forward to many more terrible guesses on my part in the future! 😛

    I personally think the photo is the hair of that creepy woman from the film The Grudge. Why didn’t you tell me you had a creepy encounter?!? :L

  19. Victoria says:

    Has to be a LP record….

  20. My followers are so smart!!! Yes, this is in fact an LP record – congrats everyone. I still have my whole collection from my childhood and teen years, although I don’t have anything to play them on anymore. My children look at them like they are ancient artifacts, but they do know what they are :). The other answers were very creative and entertaining too, and I promise that next week we will be settled in our new office and I will be able to join in the fun once again. Have a fantastic weekend!

  21. grahamatlinc says:

    Your 100th mystery picture. That must be a record. (i’m so ashamed) 🙂

  22. linda says:

    Definitely an LP record.

  23. zannyro says:

    I DID IT AGAIN! I DID IT AGAIN! I GUESSED CORRECTLY…A LITTLE LATE, BUT I GUESSED CORRECTLY!! Hope you didn’t hurt anything important while you moved at the office…did you find any hidden treasures in any drawers…like CHOCOLATE treasures? It sure makes a move go easier…it makes ANYTHING easier!

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