Mystery Photo #94

Have you ever been so nervous or worried that you thought you were going to be sick? Yesterday afternoon found me in such a state for two reasons.  First of all, my oldest son, Bryan, was taking his final driving test in our graduated licensing system for the second time.  When he tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, he did really well until, when instructed to make a left hand turn at a traffic light, a lady stepped into the intersection from behind a big truck initially blocking her from Bryan’s view, which resulted in him continuing through his turn.  This is an instant fail because as soon as a pedestrian puts one toe in that intersection they have the right of way and you are not allowed to turn.  Bryan booked a second test as soon as possible because he was determined to get his full G license before his license expires in March when he would have to start the whole process all over again.

His test was at 2:15 pm and just before 3:00 pm I still hadn’t heard from him.  In the midst of my nail biting, a news report came across the internet of a very serious car crash just north of my younger son’s school.  When I learned that a 17 year old boy had been airlifted to hospital with life threatening injuries, my heart stopped!  After texting Daniel and not getting a reply, I thought I would throw up!  Needless to say, that was it for work for me for the day.  I couldn’t think of anything but my two boys.

Finally, in close succession, I received a phone call from Bryan to say that he passed his test with flying colours and a text from Daniel to assure me that he was fine.  Phew!!! Now I had cause for celebration and a huge sense of relief, but my heart went out to the kids who were injured in the accident and their families for what they must have been going through.  Later in the evening we heard that they had stabilized the boy that was injured the most seriously, and it looks like he’s going to be ok.  What wonderful news!

Now that my stomach has settled down, it’s time to get on with our Friday fun. No, wait, I forgot something else really important.  Happy Birthday to my baby boy, Daniel, who is turning 17 today!  It’s so hard to believe – it seems like just yesterday that I could hold him in my arms, and now he is taller than me and smarter than me.  Don’t tell him I said that because he’ll never let me live it down, but he is scary smart, and I’m really proud of him.  I can’t wait for him to wake up this morning so that I can “try” to give him his 17 paddywhacks LOL!!  How successful do you think I will be?

Enough blabbing, it’s time!!  Are your minds as sharp as tacks this week?  There’s only one way to find out.  It’s time to guess the mystery photo.  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #94

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24 Responses to Mystery Photo #94

  1. Scary stuff and now he’s going to want to drive everywhere and everyone so it’s not going to get any easier for you. Not looking forward to that hurdle with mine, I known drove my own mother around the bend.

    On to the mystery photo, I think it’s the rings on an electric cooker/hob.

    Have a fab weekend, we’re off to the south coast to stay with friends and take the boys to Peppa Pig World for The Bugs second birthday. Needless to say the thought of a toddler theme park fills me with dread, I mean seriously, other people’s children + sugar + adrenaline, I can already hear the tantrums.

  2. top of your range–one of the four cooktops

    • That’s all you’ve got today? LOL!! No comments about my alien friends? 🙂

      • your alien friends have given me chocolate not to talk about them anymore–but you should know that the next time they visit they are going to start doing some experiments on your brain–they only experiment on the intelligent though, so you can comfort yourself with that-they did tell me that they did not cook and that this week’s mystery photo had nothing to do with them
        So glad both of your boys are safe and sound and happy — I am the same way as you–if I hear a siren I am sure it has something to do with someone I love (hey, I live in a small town!)

      • That’s it exactly – it’s a small town area, so even if it wasn’t my son, the chances of knowing the families is pretty high. One of the boys who luckily wasn’t injured is a very close friend of Daniel’s, and my heart went out to his mother when she posted this on Facebook that night – “Hug your teens a little tighter tonight!”.

  3. Map of Time says:

    Stove burners.

  4. benzeknees says:

    I’m going to say the element ring from a stove. I never read anyone else’s answers before I post, so now I’ll see how I did based on what other’s have said. Congrats to your son for getting his driver’s license – I well remember how nervous I was the day Sam went for her test. She was so pleased & proud when she passed! I have a pic somewhere of her where she stuck her license to her forehead so we could see what she looked like the day she passed (idea?) And happy birthday to Daniel!

  5. benzeknees says:

    P.S. Lemon chicken is my favorite too!

  6. dorannrule says:

    Hmmmm! You are a worrier after all, but most especially when it comes to your boys! I could feel your sick stomach and then your relief in this great post! My sister-in-law failed her first driving test. Then took another and did everything perfectly until they pulled into the parking lot and she drove through the fence! You never saw so many tears. But eventually she did good. Had to share that. 🙂 Meeeeee P.S. I think the mystery photo is a street grate.

    • Loved your story!!! I read it to Mike and Daniel when we were driving to the restaurant for Daniel’s birthday dinner last night, and we were laughing our heads off!! Yes, I am a huge worrier – the guys always bug me that I worry too much, but I think all moms do. Somebody has to right? Anyway, sorry to burst your bubble, but the mystery photo is not a street grate, although that’s a great guess. It is actually the rings of the element on my stove.

  7. bulldog says:

    Jeeez after reading about the accident and worrying that one might of your kids could be involved I nearly forgot to guess what the photo was… but hell the kids are alright and that is more important…

    • Exactly!! On the one hand it was kind of silly for me to think it could be Daniel when there are quite a few 17 year old guys in his school, but you never know do you? He often gets a drive with other kids when they go to the next town to get subs for lunch, so I was freaking out just a little bit :). Thank goodness all of the kids will recover, but what a nightmare for the parents, and the kid who was driving will most likely get charged and may have his licence taken away for a bit. Plus his insurance rates will skyrocket!! I really hope they all learned something from this because from what we understand they were just being idiots going twice the speed limit trying to pass cars. They ended up hitting another car, going into the ditch, and hitting a tree head on. The one girl in the car wasn’t even wearing her seatbelt, so of course she had severe head injuries from being tossed around the car!! Sometimes I just don’t understand :(.

  8. Wow, what a smart bunch of followers I have again this week :). This was in fact a section of the rings on one of the elements on my stove. You know, honestly, if I was on the other side of this game, I really don’t know if I would have guessed this correctly. I’m so proud of all of you! Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. It’s pouring rain here, and I’m feeling kind of under the weather myself today, so I’m thinking it is just going to be a chill out and relax kind of weekend :). I’m thinking snuggling up on the couch under a blanket with a good book sounds like a good idea don’t you? I have just started reading The Shining by Stephen King which I haven’t read since I was a kid. I need to re-read it because after all these years, King is coming out with a sequel this month called Doctor Sleep. I can’t wait!

    • benzeknees says:

      Hope you feel better soon Cindy! Even though I admire your choice of activities, it would be a shame to waste your entire weekend on not feeling well.

      • Thanks my friend :). Hopefully it won’t last long. You never know, it might be nothing more than the weather because it’s really crappy here today, and I am very affected by the weather because of allergies and sinuses. Oh well, it is forcing me to relax today which is never a bad thing :).

  9. I’m a little late in visiting so I didn’t look at the other answers but I’d say its a stove top element. Now for the important happy birthday to Daniel. My youngest, Ethan has his G2 test scheduled for the 27th. It seems that our lives are running in parallel 🙂

    • You are correct!! Daniel says thanks for the birthday wishes and we will all cross our fingers for Ethan on the 27th!! Daniel has finished his driver’s ed and needs to go for his G2 soon too, but we were waiting for him to get a job to pay for his insurance. He finally got a job at Tim Horton’s a little over a month ago, and he worked so many hours in August that he has more than enough saved up now :). I still think he needs more practice though LOL!

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