Mystery Photo #90

I’m going to keep this really short and sweet this week.  This one’s for you TBM!!

Now let’s have lots of guesses.  Ok, ready, set go….

Mystery Photo #90

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36 Responses to Mystery Photo #90

  1. cool photo from an artistic standpoint but it’s the top of a glass bottle, as it’s for TBM I’m going to guess that it’s a beer bottle although it could just as easily be a wine bottle. have a great weekend

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    Looking down through the neck of a beer/soda bottle.

  3. TBM says:

    Wow! I’m honored. My very own mystery photo. Now for my guess: a kangaroo butt! Not sure where that guess came from.

  4. if it is for TBM then does it have something to do with a camera and not a kangaroo butt–how about a kaola snozz or a barracuda paw? or the top of a beer bottle though I am sure she drinks pints

  5. Looks like the top of bottle but I have to say its a fabulous image all guesses aside. Well done Cindy.

  6. Map of Time says:

    A silver ring. Your halo?

  7. beckyday6 says:

    Wow that is one awesome picture! I’m going to have to agree with these guys and say the top of a beer bottle. 🙂

    Loving reading all the banter on this mystery photo this week. YOU’RE COMING TO LONDON, YAAAAAAY! I’ll have to send you that list I made up for my trip to Edinburgh too. 🙂

    • Oh yes, please do. I would love to hear any suggestions you have. We are going to be in Scotland the second week of August, which is when the big tattoo is on in Edinburgh, so I am really excited :). So, how far do you live from London? I know TBM lives right in London and Bunny Chow lives pretty close, so we are hoping to get together. It would be so cool if you were there too!!

      • beckyday6 says:

        Ohh awsesome! I so wished that I could have gone in August when lots of their events were going on, just make sure to book your hotel/house early because it fills up very quickly around that time for the festivals (so I’m told. :P) Cool, I’ll send you the list via email. 🙂

        It depends on whether I still have a student house at that point (hopefully I will!) If so I’ll be around 45 minutes away from central London, (because the stupid train that connects is slow and goes in a silly loop, hmph). If I don’t have housing it would take me maybe 2-2 and half hours, but it would be awesome to see you!!!

      • Well, I sure hope you get student housing!! It would be so cool to meet all of my blogging friends :).

  8. I want to come too and enjoy a half pint with TBM and meet Mr Bunny’s family

  9. benzeknees says:

    I was going to say the top of a beer bottle, but because of the inside coloring I’m going to change my mind & say the top of a wine bottle! Toast to you for a good one Cindy!

  10. The bottom of a can..may be a beer can

  11. Well, that was a successful mystery photo!! I think pretty much everyone got it right or in the right category anyway. It is actually a photo taken looking down at the top of a beer bottle made out of green glass. After I took it I thought it was a pretty cool abstract shot :). Have a great weekend everyone!! We might be going back for another day at the Scottish Festival in Fergus today. Just waiting to see what the hubby wants to do :).

  12. zannyro says:

    All I’m going to say it “dang it!” I NEVER get these right!!

  13. coastalcrone says:

    I’ve thought of posting a mystery photo so you have inspired me! Enjoy your trip to London – I would return any time. I found your blog via Doran.

  14. TBM says:

    Dang it, I forgot to snap a photo this weekend. I many need a daily email reminder to get it done.

  15. bulldog says:

    Now you mention it’s specially for TBM… easy… a beer bottle …

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