It’s a wrap!

Did you know that staycations can be really awesome?  Although it would have been nice if Mikey could have taken this week off with me, being home alone for a whole week has allowed me to spend a huge amount of time relaxing and reading to my heart’s content. Yes, being at home means that you are surrounded by everyday chores that won’t go away, but I just make sure that I get up early and get the chores out of the way so that I can spend the rest of the day doing whatever the hell I want, and it has been great!  I feel totally rested (well, except for taking Daniel to work this morning at 5am :)) and content. I just can’t believe that the week is almost over already.  Where the heck did the days go?

Today, after finishing one book I decided to take a break and water my gardens.  As we now pay for our actual water usage instead of paying a flat monthly fee, we have started using rain barrels whenever we can for watering the flowers and veggies to help keep our water bill down.  I grabbed the watering can and went to take the lid off the rain barrel when I noticed that I was about to walk into a web with a big juicy spider in the middle. On closer inspection, I noticed that the spider was busy wrapping up its prey, a fly I think, and I found it really fascinating, so I grabbed my camera and snapped pictures as I watched the spider at work.  Here is one of my favourite shots which I must admit had my nerves on edge because I was really close and kept expecting the spider to jump onto my camera lens LOL!!

Spider & Dinner

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26 Responses to It’s a wrap!

  1. beckyday6 says:

    BLEEEEUUUUUGHHHH! CREEPY CRAWLY AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Cindy, you were using your camera as a shield again weren’t you?! I’m just not that brave, LOL.
    Spiders give me the heebie jeebies, they didn’t used to bother me too much but I seem to be getting worse the older I get. Just promise me that if you ever post a picture of a snake on here you will put a health warning first, LOL!

    Freaking out aside, I’m so glad to hear you have been having a relaxing week. Getting the chores out of the way early is a great plan, it’s like eating your vegetables and leaving the best bits for last. 😀

    • I’m not brave – just a little crazy LOL!! Oh, how I wish you were here with me this week because you are one of the few people I know who could sit and read for hours and hours on end without getting bored. I’ve already finished a couple of books, and now I’m working on finishing the new J.K. Rowling book.

    • beckyday6 says:

      Very crazy!!! LOL.

      Haha I wish I could join you! I haven’t actually had the opportunity to read much this week and this 30 day challenge is keeping me very busy.

      Can’t wait to see what you think of J.K.’s new book. 🙂

      • So far, it’s really good. It is a straight murder mystery novel though, a genre that I haven’t read in a long time. I’m used to reading thriller/mystery combos where there is tons of action and suspence along with the msytery. This is definitely just a whodunnit, but the characters are great, and her writing is always amazing. She definitely has no problem putting words together that’s for sure. I like this one a lot better than The Casual Vacancy :).

  2. fascinating but………………I would rather read a book and eat chocolate

  3. Sayvan says:

    Creepy but fascinating creatures really….

  4. Oh yuck…sorry…not the picture but the bugs. You are brave. I don’t like to get too close to bugs.

  5. TBM says:

    dude you should warn people. Now I feel like I’m covered with spiders… me!!!!!

  6. dorannrule says:

    Ewwwwww! Can’t you think of something better to do on your staycation? 🙂

  7. benzeknees says:

    Ewwww, I could never have gotten so close to a live spider! (shudder)

  8. bulldog says:

    Great capture… been bitten by a spider and have two holes in my leg from the bites… so now I think you were very brave, if I can’t zoom in from a distance I forget about these little critters…

    • Wow!! You still have the holes in your leg – how big was the spider?? I think I was able to photograph this one because he was quite small. If it had been a gigantic spider, I would have been out of there!!!

      • bulldog says:

        I was bitten by a violin spider (or so they said) that gets about an inch long… if I’d have noticed him on my leg he would have been flattened to three times that size… the problem was the bites started off like pimples, and of course I made the mistake of squeezing them,,, they just got worse and worse and I took too long to see the Doctor, so the damage was done… now I have, not scars to prove it, but holes…

      • Ewwwwww!!! I can definitely understand now why you want to keep your distance :).

  9. Oh man… nobody’s ever been bitten by a garden spider… get a hold of yourselves, people!

    A few years ago a garden spider decided to move in with me. He was a teensy ‘money spider’ when he appeared in one of the window panes of my front door. I named him Burt. There wasn’t much potential prey fluttering about in the hallway, so I decided to feed him. It was greenfly in the beginning – there were plenty of them on my roses 😉 In the end, he was sizeable enough to feast on daddy long legs (and I hate those!). One day in late autumn, he dropped out of his web and died. I was quite upset! But they do only live for about 250 or so days, he had about completed that, and I reckon he’d had a very pampered life 😉
    Nice pics on your blog!

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